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Highlights: Family, Health, Fear, Hauntings
How they found me: Physician Referral
Location: Midwest USA


When you understand the energy footprint of the property and structure you are moving into or currently occupy, it is empowering. You make educated decisions that save time, help with health and relationships, and manifest abundance. Ask yourself … how did previous occupants experience the space…fulfilled, happy, successful, communicative; or health issues, infidelity, divorce, addiction, violence, etc.? There are trends that can be diagnosed and managed. These can be key indicators of how you will experience the abode too. Your energy in any space can be better or worse because your body’s energy footprint may be supported or not.

As you know, my background includes corporate risk management. That’s how I approach Feng Shui. I’ve worked with law enforcement, life-safety, health practitioners, educational groups, property developers, and others to bring awareness to working and living environments. While authentic Feng Shui is a disciplined approach to quantum physics, I’m also an intuitive. Clients get the best of both worlds! However, if you want to read case studies more along the lines of a scientific nature, here are commercial and residential case studies.

Rather than create “a story,” these true accounts are excerpts of actual cases in my 40+ years of consulting. Names, addresses, and identifiers are omitted for their and my protection. Client confidentiality is of upmost importance! There are no embellishments. It’s worth the read!


Type of consult: Residential mastery

Their goals for obtaining a consult:

  • Mitigate negativity, maximize positive energy
  • Current child always sick, want more children
  • Protection from ‘big bads’
  • Improve flow of energy throughout the house

Analysis Summary

Nature of structure: Wang Shan Wang Shui

Energy footprint of structure:

  • Negative – Conflict, stress, loss of wife, heavy burden for female, not good for young children, fertility issues, money issues, auto accident, infectious disease, heart issues, fire, intruder, attracts ghosts, lawsuit, sexual entanglement
  • PositiveBillionaire (pictures on this link are not for this true account), travel, self-motivation, fame

Actions taken: Implement a precise and customized Feng Shui interior plan, address exterior concerns

End Results

Occupants are happy, healthy, opportunities are blossoming. They’re no longer afraid. They performed the remodel according to Feng Shui. Energy and life are now amazing!


The Rest of the Story

Names have been changed to protect their identify: Wife – Ann; husband – Bill; daughter – Cia.

Upon entering the drive, my impression was Shawnee/Mingo tribe energies. There’s a pond that feels foreboding. It is 50’ deep with no underground water source feeding it. It creeps all of us out.

Nursery Before

Nursery Before

Ann believes she has a female demon attached to her described as long hair, violet/black energy, and petite. I cautioned her about giving them form, names, gender, and description as it gives them power. This demon pushed her down the stairs and activates her epileptic seizures. I requested she allow Feng Shui to work before engaging anyone else to deal with spirits or otherwise.

Bill hasn’t felt settled here. I discussed him being a 4 (soft wood) in a 4 house and this is a 4 year. Lots going on! No surprise he suffers from alcoholism and depression. (To readers, if you want to know more about each year’s energy and how you might experience it, watch for my yearly trends workshops.)

As we’re talking, I feel a male (entity) presence. Ann said one has been present the last couple days. The house to the East of this one – the grandfather killed the grandmother then killed himself. He had dementia so Ann doesn’t consider it a violent event. That family (daughter and grandchildren) still live there and are sad but not frightened. This happened two months before my clients moved in.

They want to proceed with the earth acupuncture, new floors/carpet, upgrade kitchen and bathrooms; remodel, and sell the house by October. Meanwhile, they’ve already secured corporate housing and will move out. Ann asked about keeping dogs on site and just moving them when a showing happens. I suggested they not be here at all as some potential buyers may not like the cues the dogs provide. They put the dogs up at Pet Palace.

Last night was the first episode in quite a while where there was an entity. One of the dogs acted strangely and none of them slept. Bill described the entity as small, probing, and oily black. Ann said typically ‘they’ come from the West and exit East on the upper level. Last night it came from the NW and on the 1st floor.


Before Earth Acupuncture

I started dowsing at the road. Noticed there’s a white cross (implies death) and a large dead tree that has a ritualistic symbol on it. The woods across the street are foreboding and I didn’t enter them, concentrating on my client’s property. Houses on both sides of the woods are for sale. The entire lot (from tree line to road) had concentrated negative energy. It’s difficult to discern just where the property lines are. The trees between their house and the road are stressed (as evidenced by split at the soil line or just above) and one weeps a black sap.

The energy around the pond is creepy. There are a couple piles of rocks and one in particular feels like it was brought in for ill purpose. Could it be burial grounds, might rituals have been held here? There’s negative energy flowing vertically from and across the land, and also horizontally. It’s going to take more rods than I have and more resources (labor) to do what needs to be done.

I drove four rods into the ground at the four corners of the house, and went inside to talk with Ann and Bill. Asked them about the history of the house (white cross, carving on the tree, houses for sale, previous owners). None of the neighbors liked the previous owners. They had large and loud parties often.

Tree after acupuncture

After – Face changed from sad to happy after acupuncture

Ann said there’s a site nearby that is known for black magic and devil worship. The nearby fast-food business was busted for selling methamphetamine through its drive-in window. The guy who lives across the street (behind the dark woods) threatens neighbors that he’ll shoot them, and has shot at people. A drunken motorcyclist had an accident where I saw the white cross and his girlfriend was killed. Neither Ann nor Bill had seen the symbol on the tree.

I sense the knoll was originally selected as a sacred site but over time was used for unsavory activities. I believe rituals were conducted here in another time and that energy blueprint is part of what we’re dealing with.

Ann and Bill have dreams of coffins popping out of the pond, a dinosaur surfacing, etc. Is this a burial ground? Ann said there are two horses buried behind the house and nothing grows there. She asked if they should move. No – the energy here can be healed.

Bill commented on the interior lack of light. There aren’t any windows on the South side. Ann and Bill said the previous owner was a builder. I commented that just because someone can do something doesn’t mean they do it well. Think about all the building taking place. How much of it takes into account geopathic stress or Feng Shui? Very little!

Earth AcupunctureI returned to perform extensive earth acupuncture with the house as the center of gravity. It will take the shape of a labyrinth and extend to the pond. This yin shape will counteract the yang cross of negative energy. They’ll be protected, land/trees relieved of geopathic and other stressors, and the neighborhood will also benefit. I dowsed the property. They commented the house is calmer and the flow already better.

Ann wrote there have been anguished wails crying out all night for the last two nights straight. I suggested they think & speak aloud that you ARE of God’s love & light. In that you are protected. Grant peace to everything. It’s within your power. Avoid giving power/attention to anything but that. Hope you sleep better tonight!

Ann and Bill said they noticed more calm since driving in 4 rods. I and my team performed earth acupuncture. Also inserted rods along front of the lot and amongst trees. Took pictures during process and one tree showed us happy faces following the procedure.

Ann later texted that the shadow of a man fell out of the ceiling in the dining room as if it were a corpse. I sensed it’s the negative spirit in the master bath. She and Tim saw and heard it, and they jumped out of the way. Since spirits don’t die, she asked why. I said it is his display to try to reinvoke fear. I suggested they place flowers on the table and wish him well on his way.

There’s been a native American energy and a cat passing through. Only one negative experience since we did earth acupuncture but Ann cast it out. It went out on the roof and jumped on Bill’s car. There’s a spirit there that shape changes and mimics their voice. It presented to Bill (he thought it was Ann in the house), Ann (she thought it was Bill in the house, and as Cia (when Ann was in bed).

Nursery After

Nursery After

They said the energy is amazing now they are working with the Feng Shui plan to the letter. With the land healing (after earth acupuncture), they’re becoming attached here. Before Cia was always sick and now everyone is feeling better. They now love their house.

I asked her to sum up before and after earth acupuncture:

  1. “At night there was bad mojo. We didn’t want to go outside at night. It was like walking into a lion’s den, as though we were going to be attacked. Now we can go outside, Bill runs in the pasture with the dogs, and even the outside cat is happier and healthier.”
  2. “When I used to do a spiritual blessing, it would only work one room at a time. Now I can do the entire house (but the land is still resisting) this why we want to do a land blessing when the weather improves.” (to readers, I’ll be sharing an earth blessing at a later date)
  3. “My dreams about the pasture have improved greatly. Instead of dead animals, now the animals are coming out and honoring horses’ grave site. The land is healing.”
  4. “The pond was always foreboding, and now it is neutral.”


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