Abundance Ribbon – Increase your wealth and abundance!

  We offer red satin, water repellent "abundance" ribbons that are excellent for your checkbook, wallet, calendar, or as a bookmark. They measure 7/8 x 6". Red is the color of fire and will heat things up (flow of money in, more appointments, etc.) Gold represents wealth and abundance. The combination of these two is [...]

Abundance Ribbon – Increase your wealth and abundance!2019-08-07T12:21:47-04:00

Are You Driving Change? (DVD)

Change is at the core of our thoughts. We cannot evolve outwardly until we realize and mobilize an inward goal. This workshop delves deeply into barriers and core beliefs that prevent us from achieving health, wealth, and happiness. You will learn the stages of change, why you may resist change and ultimately how to embrace [...]

Are You Driving Change? (DVD)2019-08-06T18:03:04-04:00
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