What Careers Are Right for Me?

What is a good career for me? I’m in high school and thinking about college. Cydney, Westerville, OH Hi Cydney, Thank you for the question, and I love it that a teen is asking! When you understand what your Feng Shui type is (Nine Star Ki calculator) and Chinese astrology (calculator), it helps decisions like these…

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When You Are Open to Change, Opportunities Arise!

There is so much to share … 1st Change for You — As you saw from the TV show, Good Day Columbus, we worked on landscaping in the SW in Part 1 (Parts 2 and 3 went inside). SW represents head female and marriage (amongst other things), and I hinted at an upcoming marriage. Congratulations to…

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Personal Strategy Session

Feng Shui Yearly Strategy Session

Your Personal Strategy Session is actually two-fold and explores your personal Feng Shui and Chinese astrology impacts for 2018. What is your energy for the upcoming nine (fire) Feng Shui year? How does its earth dog Chinese astrology affect you? What are your trends for wealth, career, relationships, and health? A customized strategy session is with Feng…

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Feng Shui Career Strategy Session

career strategy

By popular request, we’re offering one-on-one coaching sessions to discuss your Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology — and how these principals can help you with career choices. Countless people have done these and absolutely love them. Some had ah-ha moments, some changed their approach with their current job, and some changed direction all together. For those…

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Feng Shui Relationship Strategy Session

relationship strategy

Who should you be attracting into your life? Who will support your vision, goals, and desires? We live in a social world where we interact with people all the time. Relationships include spouses, partners, friends, associates, acquaintances, and let’s not forget social media. A Feng Shui relationship strategy session helps you navigate effectively in the…

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Abundance Ribbon – Increase your wealth and abundance!

abundance ribbon

We offer red satin, water repellent “abundance” ribbons that are excellent for your checkbook, wallet, calendar, or as a bookmark. They measure 7/8 x 6″. Red is the color of fire and will heat things up (flow of money in, more appointments, etc.) Gold represents wealth and abundance. The combination of these two is very…

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Are You Driving Change? (DVD)

Are You Driving Change?

Change is at the core of our thoughts. We cannot evolve outwardly until we realize and mobilize an inward goal. This workshop delves deeply into barriers and core beliefs that prevent us from achieving health, wealth, and happiness. You will learn the stages of change, why you may resist change and ultimately how to embrace…

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Abec’s Small Business Review 2010 Top Stories featuring Diana Garber

abec small business review

  Discover how eighty-five small business owners overcame personal tragedies, economic hardships and are pursuing their passions and prospering! “I had 19 major surgeries that included five pregnancies resulting in one living child,” explains Diana Garber, Owner of Intuitive Concepts. “After two near-death experiences, I realized that traditional medicine was just one approach to medicine.…

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Hypnosis Live

hypnosis live

Hypnosis Live has over 200 instantly downloadable MP3 hypnosis sessions. Instantly download Hypnosis & NLP sessions for: — MONEY: Adopt a multi-millionaire’s mindset — MEMORY: Seriously boost your brainpower — WEIGHT LOSS: Program yourself to get toned — CONFIDENCE: Turbo-charge your self-belief — STOP SMOKING: Quit for good, guaranteed — PHOBIAS: Instantly dissolve any fear…

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