Authentic Feng Shui for Business and Home

From Surviving to Thriving

Feng Shui Master: Professional Public Speaker

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Meet Diana Garber, Feng Shui Master

Authentic Feng Shui for Business and Home.

Authentic (or traditional) Feng Shui promotes healthy environments, fulfilling experiences, and quantifiable results.

Transform from surviving to thriving.

Its simple physics — everything is resonating molecules of energy.

Most people don’t think of their homes and workplaces as living, breathing buildings; but negativity affects everyone.

When I speak at medical conventions I make the point that patients seek medical advice when they come to physicians. The physician performs an analysis, makes a diagnosis, and develops a treatment plan. However, if the patient returns to a sick environment, progress can be stalled. Authentic Fen Shui addressed the environment of your home or your workplace and diagnoses the current situation and provides the treatments if necessary.

Authentic Feng Shui at its best is risk management.

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Feng Shui promotes healthy environments, fulfilling experiences, and quantifiable results. Transform from surviving to thriving.

Creating balance from chaos, the energetic shift brings
wellness, success, and joy to those
 who occupy a healed space.

“Thanks for coming to our rescue in Atlanta! My best to you always.”

Lily Tomlin

This is a personal reference as well as a professional reference for Diana Garber, President of Intuitive Concepts.

We became involved with her on a professional basis about four years ago when she did a Feng Shui analysis on our home in Ohio and most recently on our winter home in Arizona. Diana’s approach is different than other practitioners as she is so full of knowledge in this area, very thorough, and takes it to a much deeper level. We especially like her determination to make sure our goals are met. She is very good about following up and has a system of measuring the outcomes of our goals. It’s obvious she has an intense belief and desire to want this science to help enrich our lives and others she works with as well. We believe we have seen positive results working with Diana.

Daniel Evans, Former CEO, Bob Evans Farms, Inc.

Two new corporate clients in a week

I moved offices recently and received a commercial Feng Shui consultation from Diana Garber. I implemented the remedies as she suggested, and obtained two new corporate clients within a week!”

Jennifer Grant, LMT

The phone is ringing again and we’re busy

“We’ve been in this commercial building for 49 years with additions added at various different periods of time. The business was experiencing a noticeably steady decline, especially since the 1990’s. Within the last 3 years, even though there has been a recession, it declined even more drastically. Determined not to give up, I hired Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts to analyze the energy.

We’re about 60% complete with the Feng Shui recommendations in 3 months. I believe business has increased 100%! The phone is ringing again and we’re busy! I also made staff changes that made a huge difference in cash flow energy. Another troublesome staff member left suddenly.”

Eileen Saums, McCandlish Saums Interiors, New Jersey

#1 Realtor in Logan County Achieves Result

This has been a monumental year for Royer Realty. We celebrated our silver (25th) anniversary, I continue to be the #1 realtor in Logan County, and we hired Intuitive Concepts to help with the next 25.

I am very happy with the Feng Shui/energy changes that Diana made for the building and in our offices. We will surpass our 2013 goals this month — and it’s only August! 

I am working with her on my new house, and am excited to see results there too.”

Dava Royer, Royer Realty, LLC

We had concrete, measurable results.

“During the initial walk through Diana made some suggestions about changes to remove financial blocks. I started making some changes that night, mostly cleaning out clutter in specific areas. Within two days I received a call for an interview. which started out temporary and is now full time. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

When we received our written report, there were other suggestions to improve finances. We started implementing them right away. Within six weeks, my husband received a raise that was more than three times his company’s average and 50% more than what he intended to fight for! I also received an unexpected raise, even though I was still a temporary employee and not really ‘entitled’ to one.

So, we had concrete, measurable results that we had no control over. In addition, we enjoy our home and each other more. We look forward to using Feng Shui to continue improving our environment both at home and work.”


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