Feng Shui or Architect First? Remodel or Build?

Q: I’m currently working with an architect to determine whether to redesign/remodel/add-on to our current home, or design/build from scratch. I’d like to incorporate feng shui into the design process. Do you or will you work along with architects? If so, when would be the best time to jump into the project?  Jeanne, Nashport, Ohio

Hi Jeanne,

Yes, I work with architects. When is the best time to join the project? Sooner than later – Feng Shui is a master-planning tool and affects all aspects of a project:

  • dates to apply for funding or sign contracts
  • sustainability/green principles
  • preparation of the land [i.e., grading]
  • the design itself (shape; position on the land; placement of rooms, doors, and windows)
  • exterior choices (color, trim, and roof; outbuildings/garage; driveway; sidewalks; entrances and parking; landscaping; and much more)
  • interior choices (paint; finishes; flooring; cabinetry; appliances; hardware; and again much more)
  • we haven’t yet even discussed furniture and placement. A person’s sleeping position can support or hinder them. A person’s desk position is just as important.

Think of it this way – everything resonates energy. Feng Shui helps determine whether those energies support or hinder each other. When they hinder, life is more difficult; when they support, life is more joyful.

I hear consistently that Feng Shui simplifies the decision process.

There’s an average of 16,000 decisions for a new build house. For the unknowing (about how Feng Shui works), architects and designers may see it as a hindrance; but for those who have experienced authentic Feng Shui — they know it to increase effectiveness, time, and cost. Most importantly, authentic Feng Shui results are quantifiable (health, success, life satisfaction).

For an existing building, it is imperative to understand the energy of a building before embarking on a decision to redesign, remodel, or add-on. I’m working on a project now where the architect drew up a remodel for an L-shaped house. This would result in the NW portion of the house being vacant. NW represents heaven and the head male, so these aspects would have been undermined. As Christian and married clients, NW is a must. We redid the design. Had Feng Shui been in the master-planning stage (before others were engaged), it would have saved them time and funds (do it right the first time).

For a new-build, Feng Shui is a must. It impacts the project from the ground up (see this article and research). A client that I worked with on their new-build said that having an action plan (knowing composition and color) when visiting the design center was alone worth the fee — that it saved them a lot of time, and gave them confidence in their choices. They love their home.

Thank you for the question, and I left a message on your voicemail. ~Diana