Structure Types

There are five types of structures that we live and work in. All buildings fall into one of these categories. How is the type determined? Classic Feng Shui uses the ancient method of flying stars and overlays calculations from exact compass measurements of a building and date of construction. This creates the building’s precise energy blueprint. What’s revealed is an energy pattern that affects anyone occupying that space.

Wang Shan, Wang Shui is Chinese for good for mountain and good for water. Good for mountain means good for people. Good for water is good for abundance (example, money). Occupants are happy with their families and experience prosperity. Businesses have good people energy (employees and clients) and are affluent (don’t struggle for stature and wealth). This is the most desirable structure as you can imagine. It’s well worth the wait to find this building, or investment to build it.

Double Sitting means double earth. There’s double people energy, but lack of abundance. People living in these buildings get along but struggle financially. They can experience career and financial problems. Businesses have happy employees, but may not be able to make payroll due to poor accounts receivables.

Double Facing means double water. Abundance is good but at the expense of people. Occupants of these buildings have money to travel and enjoy material possessions, except no significant relationships to enjoy them with. Health issues can also surface. Youth in these buildings often are delinquent. Business is profitable, but employees don’t feel valued. Morale issues affect production. Know anyone who works in an environment like this?

Reverse means not good people or abundance. There’s always some sort of struggle; divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, business moving in and out, residences where people move every couple years.

Locked Building affects all the buildings above. These can become locked when they don’t have the elemental remedy to prevent it. Many Chinese refer to a locked house as an imprisoned house it restricts movement. People or abundance influences can become locked, or in rare cases, both can lock at the same time. When a structure has abundance locked the flow of money to the occupants is restricted. This usually precedes a buyout or merger.

Occupants of a building that is locked on people will experience continuing health and relationship problems. It is very difficult to get pregnant in a house with a people lock. A business in a building with a people lock will have difficulty keeping employees and attracting new customers.

Timing is crucial. Classical Feng Shui uses the Chinese solar calendar (begins on 4th or 5th of February each year). All buildings experience annual (one year) locks and construction-cycle locks (20 years). Most families and businesses can survive an annual lock, but it’s difficult to survive a 20-year lock.

Millions of buildings locked or unlocked on Feb. 4, 2004, and will lock or unlock February 2005, each year. This explains why neighborhoods can start to pick up while others decline, or businesses that did poorly will start to experience success while others that have done well will start losing clientele. This also explains money, health or relationship problems that occur in a cyclical pattern when you’re in the same building for years.

When you’re aware of the type of structure you’re in, and whether a lock is approaching, remedies can be implemented to ward off negative energy. Bad influences can be neutralized. We make choices based on the knowledge at hand, and there are influences that we can’t see or touch until they are upon us. Be proactive versus reactive. It’s a prudent approach to life and the economy.