Children’s Health Defense

  Dear Diana, I look forward to seeing you for the 5G Summit, and also want to thank you for being a member of Children's Health Defense! Our mission is to end childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable, and establish safeguards so this never happens again. Children's Health [...]

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5G Crisis – You NEED To Know

First, please read Debra Greene, PhD’s, article 5G - The Global Human Experiment Without Consent, When I had an advisory board a few years back, Debra was on it. Her article is published in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s News & Views! Check it out! A major concern of mine is 5G is coming whether we like it or [...]

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Will The Real Feng Shui Please Stand Up?

  Most people think Feng Shui is about decorating, furniture placement, or a “love” area; but it is WAY more than all of those things combined. Authentic Feng Shui works holistically, actually diagnosing the energy to develop a specific treatment plan. What exactly does that mean? That’s what this workshop will explain. What results do [...]

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Feng Shui for Health and Wellness

  Mount Carmel is pleased to collaborate with Intuitive Concepts to offer Feng Shui for Health & Wellness.   Did you know the energy of your home can support or undermine your health and wellness? Does this describe you – you’re doing everything right (treatments, exercise, nutrition) yet aren’t experiencing the progress you desire; or [...]

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Neurobiology & Geophysics

How wonderful when clients share information that connects the dots between authentic Feng Shui with science and research. Lori is a physician and sent this article from Science News Magazine. I'd love to give her full credit but she prefers to stay under the radar. Thank you, my friend! The article, in the body [...]

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Hina Environmental Myers-Briggs Refresh

On April 27th, Brian and Susan Hina, of Hina Environmental Solutionshad me in to do a workshop to update Myers-Briggs for their staff. It is an empowering experience for individuals and especially so when dealing with another human being (let alone a customer-centric business). Brian and Susan find the charts helpful and say they reference [...]

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Your Explanation of Feng Shui is Meaningful and Important

Diana, Just wanted to drop a note to express to you how meaningful and important that I found your explanation of Feng Shui. I have read about it from a more playful and superficial perspective but never realizing the depth of this practice. It is ancient and proven but I never knew anyone that truly [...]

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Chinese Astrology Insights and Tips for May 2019

The purpose of this post is to help you plan for next month, so you are receiving information in April for May. Those who signed up for blog posts receive this immediately. Those who signed up for newsletters receive it via email on the third Tuesday. The Chinese Astrology month is May 6 through June 5. It is an earth-snake month in [...]

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