Remedy arthritis, fibromyalgia, and depression.

I recently had a client who was trying to heal from many debilitating problems. In short, could we remedy arthritis, fibromyalgia, and depression? This patient was referred to me by an OSU provider when I was Feng Shui Consultant and Clinical Instructor for The Ohio State University. She came to the Center for Integrative Medicine [...]

Remedy arthritis, fibromyalgia, and depression.2020-02-12T10:22:35-05:00

Your Money Corner, Your Love Corner: Do You Have Either?

Valentine’s Day is upon us and tax season too, therefore it's important to learn about relationships and fortune utilizing Feng Shui. Energy works holistically and synergistically, so you'll be surprised about what you didn't know you didn't know! Feng Shui has brought romance, love, and commitment to my clients. It has restored broken relationships. My [...]

Your Money Corner, Your Love Corner: Do You Have Either?2020-02-06T14:47:52-05:00

Feng Shui and Leukemia Remission

This family moved to Ohio from New England. After moving in, Greg & Jennifer Baryluk's son was diagnosed with leukemia. He was undergoing traditional chemo; and Jennifer also utilized acupressure, nutrition, and homeopathy. I was asked to come in and conduct a Classic Feng Shui evaluation where I look at all aspects of a [...]

Feng Shui and Leukemia Remission2020-01-22T19:10:31-05:00

Feng Shui Relationship Strategy Session

Who should you be attracting into your life? Who will support your vision, goals, and desires? We live in a social world where we interact with people all the time. Relationships include spouses, partners, friends, associates, acquaintances, and let's not forget social media. A Feng Shui relationship strategy session helps you navigate effectively in the [...]

Feng Shui Relationship Strategy Session2020-01-15T11:57:18-05:00

House Wouldn’t Sell!

Feng Shui and Real Estate. This client had a house to sell in a highly desirable neighborhood. She was on her third realtor and had reduced the price by tens-of-thousands of dollars. She called me in to help her using Feng-Shui. It's not uncommon for energetic issues to hold up the sale of a house, [...]

House Wouldn’t Sell!2019-12-27T11:45:07-05:00

2020 Trends: A Must-attend event!

2020 Trends Workshop Cost: $26 This workshop is so packed with information and tips, you won’t want to miss it. Learn how to minimize negative energy so that opportunities can blossom. Here’s a sampling of what we’ll cover: 2020’s Feng Shui energy is 7-soft metal. Who is supported? Who isn’t? What buildings are supported? What [...]

2020 Trends: A Must-attend event!2020-01-21T10:58:00-05:00

Personal Strategy Session

Personal Strategy Session 2020 Your Personal Strategy Session is actually two-fold and explores your personal Feng Shui and Chinese astrology impacts for 2020. What is your energy for the upcoming nine (fire) Feng Shui year? How does its earth dog Chinese astrology affect you? What are your trends for wealth, career, relationships, and health? A customized [...]

Personal Strategy Session2020-01-06T08:51:07-05:00

For Feng Shui Compass Users – Magnetic North Accelerated Shift!

Whether you use a compass or not, you’ll want to read this article. Energy changes every moment, hour, day, month, and year. You and the buildings you live and work in need to change with it. You’ll notice I used the word “with” it. In other words, we don’t cure energy; it is constantly shifting. [...]

For Feng Shui Compass Users – Magnetic North Accelerated Shift!2019-12-18T14:17:31-05:00

Feng Shui Christmas Tips & Blessings

During the holiday season, we reflect on blessings, faith, family, and the future. The holidays are hectic. Presents, cards, decorating, cooking, cleaning, cookies, candy, travel.... just the list alone creates stress! Feng Shui can be used to mitigate this stress. Feng Shui is meant to bring balance and harmony into your home and life. Feng [...]

Feng Shui Christmas Tips & Blessings2019-12-17T16:17:13-05:00

Sleep, Digestion, Career, Love, and Energy all Improved!

This client is a Stanford grad who moved from Illinois to Ohio for a job promotion, which wasn’t manifesting as planned. She was a successful and beautiful executive looking for love, health, and satisfying career. From the outside looking in, one would think the world was at her feet; but alas this can be deceiving. [...]

Sleep, Digestion, Career, Love, and Energy all Improved!2019-11-21T16:32:53-05:00