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Decades of Cancer Remission

This family received devastating news. Out of nowhere, Dad was diagnosed with cancer and 18 months to live. In just one area of his body, he had 20 inflamed lymph nodes in his abdomen that was swollen ¼” or more. I was called in to help. The Feng Shui consultation revealed an energetic footprint in [...]

Decades of Cancer Remission2019-10-10T09:45:25-04:00

Do Yourself a Favor, Hire Diana for a Consult!

I've worked with Diana Garber for many years. She helped me with my former house; and is now helping me with my apartment. Anytime she speaks locally, I attend if I can because there's always something to learn. When she says there's nothing cookie-cutter about the Feng Shui she practices, it's so true. I could [...]

Do Yourself a Favor, Hire Diana for a Consult!2019-09-26T14:00:50-04:00

6 Strategies to Attract Your Distinctive Partner

There is no one like you. You customize your home according to your lifestyle. You customize your food according to your tastes. So why not customize your wants, needs, and desires to attract your unique partner? This workshop is for you if you want to create a roadmap for that special someone … someone who [...]

6 Strategies to Attract Your Distinctive Partner2019-09-25T11:30:34-04:00

We Wanted Our Blended Family to Grow

  A couple of decades ago I wanted my phone number to be easily found. There was not a Feng Shui category in the Yellow Pages, so I worked with a telephone-representative to make this happen nationally. According to my rep, Yellow Pages wanted to put Feng Shui under an existing category such as Interior [...]

We Wanted Our Blended Family to Grow2019-09-19T11:03:29-04:00

Happiness Hangout on BBS Radio

This was a fun interview with Lori Peters of Happiness Hangout on BBS Radio. We talked about how you can live a more empowered life utilizing Feng Shui, provided on-the-spot, individualized tips and insights to one's living environment. Don't delay, Feng Shui today! Listen in...

Happiness Hangout on BBS Radio2019-09-10T16:29:55-04:00

Feng Shui or Architect First? Remodel or Build?

Q: I'm currently working with an architect to determine whether to redesign/remodel/add-on to our current home, or design/build from scratch. I'd like to incorporate feng shui into the design process. Do you or will you work along with architects? If so, when would be the best time to jump into the project?  Jeanne, Nashport, Ohio [...]

Feng Shui or Architect First? Remodel or Build?2019-08-27T13:11:54-04:00

Earth Acupuncture & Health

If you have been treated by an acupuncturist or energy worker (such as a Reiki practitioner), you are aware of meridians in the body. Meridians channel the flow of energy and can become blocked or stagnant. When this happens, it can result in health consequences. The same is true of Mother Earth. Blocked meridians [...]

Earth Acupuncture & Health2019-08-27T12:52:51-04:00

Feng Shui and Children

School is starting for the year so let’s explore Feng Shui and children. There’s a lot that’s involved in this topic, so today I’ll begin by discussing yin and yang within their environment. There’s no question our environment influences us. Our body reacts with all its senses (sight, smell, touch, sound, etc.). One study that [...]

Feng Shui and Children2019-08-22T17:29:29-04:00

Children’s Health Defense

  Dear Diana, I look forward to seeing you for the 5G Summit, and also want to thank you for being a member of Children's Health Defense! Our mission is to end childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable, and establish safeguards so this never happens again. Children's Health [...]

Children’s Health Defense2019-08-14T09:15:10-04:00