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Sleep, Digestion, Career, Love, and Energy all Improved!

This client is a Stanford grad who moved from Illinois to Ohio for a job promotion, which wasn’t manifesting as planned. She was a successful and beautiful executive looking for love, health, and satisfying career. From the outside looking in, one would think the world was at her feet; but alas this can be deceiving. [...]

Sleep, Digestion, Career, Love, and Energy all Improved!2019-11-21T16:32:53-05:00

Feng Shui Tips for Thanksgiving

Isn’t this a glorious time of the year? Trees were just bursting with color, giving thanks for life as they prepared to hibernate. All the colors remind me of how blessed we are, and how diverse existence is -- people, animals, the land, buildings … everything that being on Mother Earth affords us. And all [...]

Feng Shui Tips for Thanksgiving2019-11-21T15:40:19-05:00

Event: Feng Shui for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us and we have a gift for YOU! This event is chock full of ideas that will delight you, your family, friends, and guests. However, you need to reserve your spot NOW because there’s limited seating. This 1.5-hour workshop covers techniques and tips to enjoy the holiday season.  Led by Diana [...]

Event: Feng Shui for the Holidays2019-11-19T16:37:39-05:00

Feng Shui Workshops at the Ronald McDonald House

Since people have been asking about the workshops I offer regularly at the Ronald McDonald House Charities, I decided to write a blog about it. The topic is always "Feng Shui for Healing & Comfort". These workshops are for patients, their families, and caregivers. If you know of anyone that will be there during an [...]

Feng Shui Workshops at the Ronald McDonald House2019-10-22T20:35:00-04:00

Decades of Cancer Remission

This family received devastating news. Out of nowhere, Dad was diagnosed with cancer and 18 months to live. In just one area of his body, he had 20 inflamed lymph nodes in his abdomen that were swollen ¼” or more. I was called in to help. The Feng Shui consultation revealed an energetic footprint in [...]

Decades of Cancer Remission2019-10-22T12:25:17-04:00

Do Yourself a Favor, Hire Diana for a Consult!

I've worked with Diana Garber for many years. She helped me with my former house; and is now helping me with my apartment. Anytime she speaks locally, I attend if I can because there's always something to learn. When she says there's nothing cookie-cutter about the Feng Shui she practices, it's so true. I could [...]

Do Yourself a Favor, Hire Diana for a Consult!2019-09-26T14:00:50-04:00

6 Strategies to Attract Your Distinctive Partner

There is no one like you. You customize your home according to your lifestyle. You customize your food according to your tastes. So why not customize your wants, needs, and desires to attract your unique partner? This workshop is for you if you want to create a roadmap for that special someone … someone who [...]

6 Strategies to Attract Your Distinctive Partner2019-10-23T10:57:25-04:00

We Wanted Our Blended Family to Grow

  A couple of decades ago I wanted my phone number to be easily found. There was not a Feng Shui category in the Yellow Pages, so I worked with a telephone-representative to make this happen nationally. According to my rep, Yellow Pages wanted to put Feng Shui under an existing category such as Interior [...]

We Wanted Our Blended Family to Grow2019-09-19T11:03:29-04:00