Feng Shui for Commercial Use

A traditional Feng Shui analysis for commercial use is an investment in a greater future. Consider it a necessity or an expenditure that enables you and your company to flourish.

Our consultations are based on Traditional Feng Shui and the science of geomancy. In other words, it is a study of man’s impact on Mother Earth. 

The traditional Feng Shui analysis for commercial use in healthcare and other businesses aligns energies of a structure with its occupants to minimize risk and maximize results.

It reveals influences so that you can implement changes that can have a positive impact on all areas of your life: Success, abundance, relationships, and overall satisfaction.

Our expertise is in analyzing risk factors to produce a specific and prioritized action plan. A Feng Shui analysis for commercial use minimizes negative influences, therefore maximizing positive ones.

Your working environment (the property, the building, and your surroundings) influence your experience of the space, and ultimately your business.

Doing an analysis of the land before you build is not possible if you are already in business.

Many of my clients are established businesses wanting to improve their sales, employee satisfaction, and retention, and client satisfaction.

Everything around you has vibrating molecules of energy. The density of the molecules and their specific frequency of vibration determine their element (or form), i.e., fire, earth, metal, water, wood, gas, electric, radar, etc. These continuously emit energy around and through us, so, this ultimately affects our body, mood, and productivity. When the energy is positive and works holistically, it helps you. When the energy is fragmented or detrimental, it can affect your creativity, success, vitality, relationships, and ultimately your well-being.

Energies can appear to be an insignificant factor (especially when you can’t see them), however, the sum of the whole (all factors that surround you), multiplied by exposure time produces significant consequences. When the sum of these energies is negative, it can disrupt your performance and lead to poor relationships with others in your business, sickness, debt, or even business failure, so Feng Shui can be incredibly helpful to your business and your bottom line.

A Feng Shui Analysis for Commercial Use does the following:

  • Minimizes operational challenges
  • Improves financial flow
  • Empowers customers, management, and employees
  • Creates an edge over the competition
  • Attracts new consumer markets
  • Improves client satisfaction

A classic Feng Shui analysis is an investment in a greater future. Consider it a necessity or an expenditure that enables your business to flourish. We offer five on-site consultations:

  1. Site Evaluation
  2. New-Build Consultation
  3. Mastery Renovation Consultation
  4. Mastery Consultation
  5. Kick-Start Consultation

To read a detailed matrix describing each option, please download the PDF: Intuitive Concepts-Service Options. Check with your tax advisor about deducting our fees!

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 “I’m a facts-and- figures businessman and possess a strong Christian faith; therefore, I was a bit apprehensive in the beginning about Feng Shui. Fortunately, my experience has proven that it is practical, factual, and quantifiable. I consider Diana to be a valuable strategic partner so she’s now helping me with other projects. I highly recommend that you consider improving your life, and suggest that you don’t hesitate hiring Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts if you want to enhance your living and working environments.”

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The phone is ringing again and we’re busy

We’ve been in this commercial building for 49 years with additions added at various different periods of time. The business was experiencing a noticeably steady decline, especially since the 1990’s. Within the last 3 years, even though there has been a recession, it declined even more drastically. Determined not to give up, I hired Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts to analyze the energy.

We’re about 60% complete with the Feng Shui recommendations in 3 months. I believe business has increased 100%! The phone is ringing again and we’re busy! I also made staff changes that made a huge difference in cash flow energy. Another troublesome staff member left suddenly.

Eileen Saums, McCandlish Saums Interiors

Feng Shui helped smooth the path for a more efficient and profitable journey.

On August 5th of 2013 we moved in to the new space. With our heightening of our Feng Shui, our business has really take off. At the end of July 2014 we are $500,000 ahead of our sales goal for the year with gross margin the highest that we have ever had. The amount of asbestos inspection and abatement jobs have already surpassed what we did all last year, and this is only July. We have sent 6 team members to Aileron’s Executive Profession Management training and are sending more soon. We have completed our written strategic and succession plan and are implementing it now. We are so thrilled that the company has reached a new level.

Is it just Feng Shui? Of course not, as Diana says Feng Shui is one tool in the tool box. It took vision, creativity, perseverance, heart and our teams focus to achieve this level of success. Feng Shui helped smooth the path for a more efficient and profitable journey.

Make Feng Shui one of your tools. Diana is great to work with and the results are tangible and quantifiable. Please stop by our office anytime and experience it for yourself. We love our space and you will too.

Brian Hina, Hina Environmental Solutions

#1 Realtor in Logan County Achieves Results

This has been a monumental year for Royer Realty. We celebrated our silver (25th) anniversary, I continue to be the #1 realtor in Logan County, and we hired Intuitive Concepts to help with the next 25.

I am very happy with the Feng Shui/energy changes that Diana made for the building and in our offices. We will surpass our 2013 goals this month — and it’s only August! 

I am working with her on my new house, and am excited to see results there too.

Dava Royer, Royer Realty, LLC

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