Intuitive Concepts has been working with commercial businesses for over 4 decades.

  • From health care offices, hospitals, car dealers and spas, it truly doesn’t matter what business you are in. Traditional Feng Shui
    Improves your bottom line
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Improves patient satisfaction
  • Improves employee satisfaction.

These are big promises, but it simply physics at work. With Diana’s background in corporate America in Risk Management, she brings a level of care and professionalism like no other Feng Shui Master.

Explore Commercial Case Studies below:

Tansky Toyota, Sawmill Road, Columbus, Ohio

  • The project finished ahead of schedule.
  • Demographics expanded: More women and families.
  • They are attracting exceptional personnel.
  • Sales goals are met and consistent.

Read Tansky Toyota full Case Study

Cleveland Center for Integrative Dentistry, Cleveland, Ohio

  • Dr. Vladimir and Ilona Pastouk wanted the new clinic to represent all that is positive about integrative wellness. They were offering new methodologies and treatments for a holistic approach to dentistry, while maintaining their existing practice in another area of town.
  • Their patients and staff are very important to them. They wanted all who visited to feel welcome, safe and secure.
  • Financial success for the new site would enable them to further their research and studies, and enjoy life without being a slave to the business — have the business work for them not they work for the business.

Read the Cleveland Center for Integrative Dentistry Case Study

Hina Environmental Solutions, Columbus, Ohio

  • Their goal of increased revenue was met. Their annual goal was exceeded by $500k in August.
  • Created a calm, efficient & exciting office that stimulates all to prosper.
  • Continued their mission of engagement, growth and development for personnel.
  • Created retirement opportunities for personnel.

Read the Hina Environmental Solutions Case Study

Castle Hills Family Practice, San Antonio, Texas

  • The new clinic became a medical haven for their patients.
  • Attracted quality and loyal staff.
  • Quickly recouped the new center’s investment as well as improved finances overall.
  • Experienced positive results in their personal life as well.

Read the Castle Hills Family Practice Case Study

Skin Perfect Studio, Columbus, Ohio

  • Everyone loves the change. The before and after pictures are amazing. Feng Shui gave me confidence in my choices. It works!” ~Jaclyn Peresetsky
  • The studio is a success, attracting new clients and offering new Skin Perfect services.
  • People experience collaboration, empowerment, and delight.

Read the Skin Perfect Case Study

Skin Perfect Image Wellness Spa, Columbus, Ohio

  • Revenue improved.
  • Jaclyn is attracting great staff and hired a spa manager. She’s enjoying her family more and creative time.
  • She appears regularly on TV, in magazines, and speaks all over the country.
  • An opportunity surfaced for another location which is Skin Perfect Studio.
  • Skin Perfect has also expanded into Naples, FL.

Read the Skin Perfect Image Wellness Spa Case Study

Kanodia MD, Westerville, OH, USA

The Beginning: I was referred to Dr. Kanodia about the possibility of helping with his new medical clinic by someone in his inner circle. When he and I met, we decided to start with a smaller-scale project but one just as important — Feng Shui for his new condo. When Dr. Kanodia learned that authentic Feng Shui (utilizes formulas and algorithms rather than just overlaying the Bagua) actually diagnoses the energy of the space before establishing a treatment plan, he realized how functional medicine and authentic Feng Shui align — in other words (just like he says in his video) researching the root cause rather than prescribing meds then going through a process of elimination. There is nothing cookie-cutter about Dr. Kanodia’s approach just as there’s nothing cookie-cutter about authentic Feng Shui (no two people are exactly alike, and no two buildings are exactly alike [or how people experience the space]). I highly recommend Dr. Kanodia. He is genuine, kind, and health and wellness is truly his mission.

Read the Kanodia MD case study.

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