Which Feng Shui speaks to you?

Intuitive Concepts uses what is called “Traditional Feng Shui” sometimes referred to “Classic Feng Shui”, as opposed to “Western Feng Shui”.

In a nutshell, Traditional Feng Shui focuses on the big picture working holistically (energy of the land, building, then people in the space).

The energy diagnosis identifies the past, present, and potential – identifying how people experience the space (health, wealth, relationships, success, journey). Then Diana overlays risk management principles to minimize negative influences so that positive ones can find the light. Whereas, Western Feng Shui is “an art of placement” approach (focusing on the interior) developed in the 60’s by a Tibetan monk who believed that Traditional Feng Shui was too complex for most people.

It is well worth the investment as you can see by our client testimonials.

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Feng Shui FAQs

Traditional Feng Shui FAQs

What is Traditional (as opposed to Western) Feng Shui?
How does it work?
Discover these answers and more.

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Nine Star Calculator

Personal Feng Shui Calculator

Nine Star reveals your birth year influences. Traits, qualities,
and abilities

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Nine Star Calculator

Building Feng Shui Calculator

Flying stars is a discipline of Feng Shui that is utilized to determine the energy of a building.

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Four Pillars Calculator

Chinese Astrology Calculator

Four pillars means the month, day, year, and time (four identifiers)
of your birth.

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Feng Shui Glossary

Glossary of Terms

Confused by terms you hear or see?

Browse our Glossary for clarity.

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Diana Garber's Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

Here are some of Diana’s favorite books on being a good human & authentic business person.

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