Intuitive Concepts has been working with home owners for over 4 decades.

We work with large homes and small homes. Primary residences and vacation homes. New homes and remodels. Redecorating or reorganizing. We can help you pick out land, or improve the land you are on. Traditional Feng Shui for residences:

  • Improves health of all residents.
  • Improves relationships.
  • Improves finances and business.
  • Affects all members (including animals) of the residence.

These are big promises, but it simply is physics at work. With Diana’s experience in working with physicians and clinics of all kinds, they are certainly possible for you.

Explore Residential Case Studies below:

Stroke Caused Paralysis and Lost Speech, Open-heart Surgery

  • The female homeowner had to change to a part-time schedule to care for her husband.
  • Following Feng Shui her husband was wheelchair free by November.
  • His speech returned.
  • She has resumed a full schedule and is attending school.
  • They now live happily and abundantly.

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Overall Health and Financial Improvements

  • Health improved.
  • Relationship improved.
  • Communication and connection with others improved.
  • Career improved.
  • Finances improved.
  • They’re making informed decisions.
  • They’re very happy with landscaping outside, and changes inside their home.

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Brain Disorder & Grand Mal Seizures

  • Health improved. Brain disorder. Grand mal seizures.
  • He married the love of his life.
  • He was able to resume the sport of horse cutting.
  • We developed a deep bond.
  • We worked on other projects together.

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Health Concerns

  • Health improved. Low energy. Anxiety. Stomach issues.
  • Relationships improved.
  • They now have time to devote more meaningfully to their faith.
  • Business — wow!
  • He’s no longer a skeptic. We’ve now done many projects together including an office building and new home.

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  • Health improved. Leukemia.
  • We celebrated their son’s remission with a surprise chemo-free party! He’s now off to college.
  • Greg’s promotion came through.
  • Jennifer now owns a successful yoga studio

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Prostate Cancer 

  • Health improved. Prostate cancer.
  • Now ready to develop the next chapter in their lives, she moved to Ohio.
  • They got married (the wedding incorporated Feng Shui too).
  • Worked on a new project together.

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Overall Life Satisfaction

  • Many blessings have come to her and she’s living a life of possibility.
  • Relationships that weren’t serving her have moved on in a positive way.
  • She’s now a loving Mom to two horses and enjoys more time in nature riding them.
  • Her business helps many animal parents and animals.
  • She’s pursuing publishing endeavors.

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