Finding Love After All These Years

Dr. Marie Collart and I had known of each other for years, but last year we came together when she had me do an analysis of her home. At that time the dog she rescued from Hurricane Katrina was fatally suffering from hepatitis. We're happy to report that not only are doggies doing well, Marie [...]

Finding Love After All These Years2018-04-05T12:52:54-04:00

The Right Start: Six Feng Shui Tips for Your Wedding

Feng Shui has many definitions, and my simplest descriptors are: The process of maximizing our experience of an environment An environment that feels safe and secure. There are several environments: Mind, body, home, work, relationships, mode of transportation, and so on. When it comes to the mind, body, and relationships - there’s input and output; [...]

The Right Start: Six Feng Shui Tips for Your Wedding2020-03-05T17:30:10-05:00

Living Your Soul’s Journey – Free Podcast

I was excited to be a guest on BBS Radio’s Living Your Soul's Journey with Dr. Vikke Ford. We discussed issues to help you walk your soul's journey with love, abundance and freedom creating your own authentic pilgrimage. We shared wisdom and insights to make your journey more abundantly happy and real. As a Georgia [...]

Living Your Soul’s Journey – Free Podcast2018-01-24T09:56:23-05:00

Gratitude for My Husband

An ongoing theme of my newsletters has been about being present to what is right in the world. That sounds rather philanthropic and is typical of a dragon.  But the key aspect is that it starts with what is right in your world. After all, it is human to ask, ‘what’s in it for me?’ [...]

Gratitude for My Husband2018-04-09T09:02:55-04:00
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