Happy Mother’s Day to all! Why everyone? Because in one way or another you have parented, nurtured, mentored, or supported another. From a Feng Shui perspective, SW represents head females (Mom and Grandmothers) as well as motherhood. Look at your yard, house, and bedroom. What’s going on in the SW? If there is clutter, clear it out. Use symbols (i.e., art) that represent couples, family, and happy occasions. Treat the SW like the queen you deserve to be! For guys, we’ll discuss NW (head male) in June’s newsletter.

Of course, there is more to Feng Shui than symbols, art, and clutter. What is the energy in the SW of your yard, house, and bedroom? Does it support you? Does it support motherhood, love, and loyalty? One of our gift suggestions in this busy Mom’s guide includes a Feng Shui consult … a gift that keeps on giving in a significant way. Clients report improvement in all aspects of their lives … from remission to marriage to conception.

Another must have for this busy Mom’s guide is a color analysis. Whereas Feng Shui looks at your energy and suggests colors to protect it, Skin Perfect’s color analysis deals with what I call ‘packaging’ (how we look). It goes beyond eye, hair, and skin tone and addresses what really helps us look our best. I’m Bright Spring and knowing that color palette has saved me LOTS of money. I now know precisely what colors to wear (clothing, nails, and lips). Even more, it gave me the courage to stop dying my hair. Toxin-free … whoopee!

It all comes full circle. Jaclyn Peresetskey, owner of Skin Perfect Image Wellness Spa, and I have had many discussions about how Skin Perfect’s philosophy blends well with Feng Shui (flow out/flow in). Skin Perfect helps me with my image, and I’m helping them with Feng Shui. We’ve published before-and-after pictures (which are fabulous, darling) here, and be sure to visit Skin Perfect to see how they can help you do more with what God gave you, and you’ll experience it in a Feng Shui way.

May you be exceedingly, generously, and joyfully blessed,©     Diana