There is so much to share …

1st Change for You — As you saw from the TV show, Good Day Columbus, we worked on landscaping in the SW in Part 1 (Parts 2 and 3 went inside). SW represents head female and marriage (amongst other things), and I hinted at an upcoming marriage. Congratulations to Bob and Deb, who also incorporated Feng Shui for their wedding. Feng Shui impacted the date, wedding colors, reception set up, how they stood at the altar, and more. Space cleansings were performed on their home, ceremony site, reception site, clothing, rings, etc. Now while space cleansings aren’t really Feng Shui, they facilitate the flow of Feng Shui by clearing out stagnant and negative energy. I wrote an article on tips for weddings a while back. If you’d like to (re)read it, follow this link.

2nd Change for You – I’m thrilled to announce I have a chapter in the upcoming The Change: Insights to Self Empowerment (book 9 of the series). I was contacted by Jim Britt, Tony Robbins’ mentor, and asked to join the team – and accepted. It’s been released and you can purchase a copy here.

3rd Change for You – Our website. The home page shows what’s new on the blog, as well as some of the most popular and informative blogs. Next, we’re going to work on the member’s area called ICLC (Intuitive Concepts’ Learning Center). This area is for accelerated learners and clients. More to come!

4th Change for You – evolveLove energy body sprays. We’ve officially launched 10 sprays on October 19. Soon, the website will explain who, what, when, where, why, and how. These aren’t just great smelling sprays, they work with the body’s biofield to support change. We’ve been testing these for two years and feedback is absolutely phenomenal. Each bottle is individually formulated, signed, and numbered.

5th Change for You – Example of 2016. It’s was a two (sickness) year and predicted to have a profound effect on head females, OB/GYN, digestion, bowels, marriage, female relationships, the immune system, and motherhood. For business, it was predicted to affect customer service, business consolidated and method, collections, female employees, teamwork, partnerships, shipping/receiving, and more. People who are sensitive to energy were calling in August asking what the shift is about. In addition, the five (breakdown) goes into the NE (youth, especially males) so what I mentioned for 2015 is going to continue. I did a video for 2016, and you should still consider doing a personal strategy session to see how the coming year will affect you. Think about those you love – another great birthday or holiday gift.

6th Change for You – Think about change, and how you respond to it. Be an agent of change! This is a workshop I did specifically on the topic. Are you driving change, or is change driving you? DVDs are available.

Blessings to you and yours in this gloriously colorful month,    Diana