Hina EnvironmentalOn April 27th, Brian and Susan Hina, of Hina Environmental Solutionshad me in to do a workshop to update Myers-Briggs for their staff. It is an empowering experience for individuals and especially so when dealing with another human being (let alone a customer-centric business). Brian and Susan find the charts helpful and say they reference them daily. Unsanctioned versions of Myers-Briggs(r) can be found on the internet, but many who have taken those confirm the results aren’t the same as an authentic workshop.

While this event is not open to the public, follow this link to discover what Myers-Briggs can do for you and your company. If you’d like attend the workshop on your own, let me know and I’ll add you to the wait list. Then you’ll be the first to know because these sell out every time. If you’d like a workshop for your team, please call or email. Scroll down this page to learn how other companies and individuals have benefitted.

Follow the link to read Feng Shui case study for Hina Environmental Solutions. If you love dogs (and who doesn’t), visit their website to see Daisy. She goes to the door and rings a bell to be let out. How cute is that?

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