Dr. Marie Collart and I had known of each other for years, but last year we came together when she had me do an analysis of her home. At that time the dog she rescued from Hurricane Katrina was fatally suffering from hepatitis. We’re happy to report that not only are doggies doing well, Marie is now engaged after 26 years on her own. Of course, Feng Shui is one tool in her toolbox, and don’t you just love it when it all comes together?
God, I love my job!

I’m attending Marie’s retirement party from The Breathing Association (they had results too), where she has served for 32 years. On the invitation is a quote she wrote and I just have to share. “Continue to RISK more than others think is safe, CARE more than others think is wise, DREAM more than others think is practical, and EXPECT more than others think is possible.
Isn’t that fabulous?

So join me in wishing Marie a wonderful next chapter, not only with her partner but with her adventures.

May you be exceedingly, generously, and joyfully blessed,©