639 Hz

Does music affect your mood? It does mine! I’m much more productive when tunes are playing. Asian or classical music suits me when reading. Jazz or blues are great when playing in the kitchen (I make 90% of our meals). Rain inspires me to listen to Native American, flute, Celtic, or piano music. When working, I like a mix of female songwriters from several genres. When driving, you’ll find me listening to rock or pop.

The same is true of sound. Some of my favorites are birds, rain, and laughter.

Now consider how sound affects our mood, well-being, healing, and overall health. There are sounds that send chills up our spine, like literal fingernails on a chalk board. There are sounds that affect our mind, body, and spirit. We can choose positivity and healing — and it’s free.

Sound frequencies are measured and have been scientifically studied. My friend from high school, Marc Caring, is a gifted musician and a really smart guy. Sometimes our conversations end with agreeing to disagree; and that’s what good friendships are about. The world would be a better place if more of that existed. Don’t you agree?

Marc sends me his new music creations now and again. Lately he also shared the information below which reminded me to pay this forward with you.

Tesla as well Einstein both commented that the future of medicine/healing was frequencies …with that in mind: Signature sounds ranging from 174Hz to 963 Hz can positively impact mental, physical and spiritual health. Frequencies:

  • #174 Hz = pain reduction, anesthetic properties, reduces stress
  • #285 Hz = associated with cellular repair regeneration and immunity
  • #963 Hz = spiritually awakening, connect to the universe
  • #396 Hz = liberate from guilt and fear
  • #417 Hz = negates negativity undoing situations facilitating change, alleviate the conscious and subconscious
  • #528 Hz = create profound transformation and miracles linked to the repair of human DNA
  • #639 Hz = love and compassion, improve connections and personal relationships– creating new ones
  • #741 Hz = detoxifies, expressions and solutions open up and share gifts with the world more fully
  • #852 Hz = awakens intuition improving access to spiritual earths natural Hz = 7.83, known as Schumann resonance = alpha Theta brainwave frequency in the human brain = relaxed dreamy sleepy state = cell regeneration and healing
  • #963 Hz = connection to higher self

Readers, for more information visit this link. I have this saved in my favorites on my computers. It’s also a wonderful alternative to daily news and drama on our Smart TV. You, too, can decompress, heal, and alter your experiences with sound. You can also search YouTube or the internet by typing in “639 Hz frequency” as an example.

If you have a suggestion to help make the world a better place, please send it to me. You, too, can be featured here. Disclaimer: Please don’t submit requests that are for the purpose of advertising or selling.

Marc, thanks for the reminder and over 50 years of friendship!

How may I help you to have a better life experience?

May you be exceedingly, generously, and joyfully blessed today.

~Diana Garber, Feng Shui Master