• The male homeowner suffered a stroke. He was paralyzed on the right-side of his body and needed a wheelchair for mobility.
  • He had open-heart surgery.
  • His ability to speak was gone.
  • He could no longer work at his job, and their life was turned up-side down.


Just as each building has its own unique energy, each section (also called direction or quadrant) of a structure does as well. It’s the energy of that section that determines how people experience the space. If good energy, people benefit; if challenging energy, problems can surface. Authentic Feng Shui, also known as traditional Feng Shui, provides a glimpse into the past, present, and potential.

Each section represents different family members, body parts, and functions of life. Due to their chain of events, my urgent concerns were the Northwest (head male, and the head), South (heart and circulation), North (blood and regeneration), West (speech), and Northeast (the back and motivation). However, strategically I wanted to address the needs of the caregiver (wife). So, the quadrants of interest due to their circumstances were: Southwest (head female and love/marriage), Center (overall health and harmony), East (nerves and energy), and Southeast (wealth, luck, and harmony).

In addition, the house was built in 2000 which is a period seven (1984-2003). This raised a flag that negative energies were gaining power. Authentic Feng Shui is based on physics and utilizes formulas to determine quantum and unseen energies. This method is exceptional because it encompasses the time/space continuum.

A particular number pattern appeared in the home that, in addition to being a period seven, now increases theft. Theft can be literal (a home or person being robbed) or metaphorical (being robbed of health or opportunities). This confirmed events they were experiencing.

PROBLEM 1 The Northwest’s energy revealed emotional disorders. Emotions are processed by the brain and experienced through the body. Formulae also revealed conflicts (for the head male and head), a lawsuit, and digestive issues (influencing diabetes).

SOLUTION Remedies are based on the five elements, which include fire, earth, metal, water and wood. It is the balance or imbalance of these elements that determine whether a remedy is required, and if so – what the remedy is. Water minimized the sickness energy. Water can be a water feature; the colors blue or black; crystal or glass; or wavy patterns.

PROBLEM 2 The annual energy for 2006 was hard wood (represented by the number three). When three enters the center, corresponding numbers (one through nine) change positions. This method is called flying stars because each number represents a star (or specific influence). This placed eight (earth) in the South. South is always represented by the number nine (fire). Think back to your scouting days … what did you do to put out a fire? You placed dirt on it. That’s what the eight earth star did to the South’s fire energy. It reduced the fire, if not put it out. Again, South represents the heart and circulation. South (as well as all the directions) represents many other factors, but we’re focusing on this building and its occupants.

SOLUTION A water remedy was used (the colors blue or black; a water feature; crystal or glass; or wavy patterns all act as a water remedy).

PROBLEM 3 The last example for this case study is North. North represents blood (diabetes), worry, and the ability to regenerate. If unable to regenerate, North also represents death. Energies here reveal conflict, money loss, and increased theft. If not addressed, diabetes would likely escalate and the homeowner would find it difficult to recoup.

SOLUTION For the year of this consult, we used fire to reduce double-metal. Fire can be candles, a fireplace, or bright lights; the colors red, pink, or purple; or pointed shapes (such as stars or triangles). As with all quadrants, just as important as what remedy to use is what to avoid. In this case that is earth (the colors yellow, tan or brown; stones, crystals or earthenware; and square shapes). When a fire or earth star appears in the North, we’ll have to make adjustments. We help monitor these changes for our clients each year. When a concern arises, they decide how we’ll proceed.

According to an article by Dr. Shilagh Mirgain with the UW School of Medicine and Health, our environment does affect our ability to heal.


  • The female homeowner had to change to a part-time schedule to care for her husband.
  • Following Feng Shui her husband was wheelchair free by November.
  • His speech returned.
  • She has resumed a full schedule and is attending school.
  • They now live happily and abundantly.


“I don’t understand how this works, but it does. That’s why Diana is an integral part of our support team. We are people of faith and go to church. We are blessed, happy, and hopeful. Even though her approach to Feng Shui has nothing to do with religion, we feel it is a valid tool.”

– The Gyarmathy Family

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~Diana Garber, Feng Shui Master