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When you understand the energy footprint of the property and structure that you are considering, or moving into or currently occupy, it is empowering. You make educated decisions that save time, help with health and relationships, and manifest abundance. Ask yourself … how did previous occupants experience the space … fulfilled, happy, successful, communicative; or health issues, infidelity, divorce, addiction, violence, etc.? There are trends that can be diagnosed and managed. These can be key indicators of how you will experience the abode too. Your energy in any space can be better or worse because your body’s energy footprint may be supported or not.

As you know, my background includes corporate risk management. That’s how I approach Feng Shui. I’ve worked with law enforcement, life-safety, health practitioners. educational groups, property developers/owners, and others to bring awareness to working and living environments. While authentic Feng Shui is a disciplined approach to quantum physics, I’m also an intuitive. Clients get the best of both worlds! However, if you want to read case studies more along the lines of a scientific nature, here are commercial and residential case studies.

Rather than create “a story,” these true accounts are excerpts of actual cases in my 40+ years of consulting. Names, addresses, and identifiers are omitted for their and my protection. Client confidentiality is of the upmost importance! There are no embellishments. It’s worth the read!


Type of consult: Commercial Mastery

Their goals for obtaining a consult:

  • Identify and mitigate risks
  • Obtain strategic direction and decorating ideas
  • Attract new tenants; obtain full occupancy
  • Residents take pride in the complex and act responsibly
  • Renters enjoy their living space and have longevity (living there as well as a long life)

Analysis Summary

Description: This apartment complex had many buildings at an elevation of over 5,000 feet

Nature of structures: Wang Shan Wang Shui

Energy footprint of structures:

  • Negative –  Cancer/terminal illness, power struggles, recklessness, issues for youth (particularly males), sudden change, infidelity by males hurting females, robbery, conflict/arguments, auto accidents, limb issues leading to paralysis, fire risks, lawsuits, bodily harm, tumors, miscarriage, widow/death, mother/daughter issues, injuries for females in their 30s
  • Positive – Wealth (billionaire via real estate [pictures in this link are not for this true account]), self-employed expands business, family luck, sales, travel
  • Neutral – Good for singles not for couples
  • Feng Shui mitigates negative energy so that positive energy can gain momentum.
  • #1 Concern: Energy had just activated for one building in particular. It showed injury by metal (guns/knives) resulting in loss of life. Due to other analysis factors, I could tell it would involve a love triangle and the female is in her 30s.

Actions taken:

  • Implement a precise and customized Feng Shui interior plan for each structure, examples include:
    • All buildings were painted inside (i.e., walls)
    • As carpet wore, new carpet was selected following Feng Shui guidelines
    • New lighting fixtures were installed
    • As appliances failed, new ones were selected according to Feng Shui guidelines
  • Address exterior concerns, examples include:
    • Changed entrances
    • Black-topped roads and parking lots
    • Landscaping
    • Signage

End Results

They hired me to perform Feng Shui on all their rental properties in multiple cities. Violence subsided. Profits increased. Renovations were strategic and purposeful. Occupancy is consistent. Tenants are taking better care of their apartments, shared laundry facilities, storage units, trash areas, playgrounds, and driving/parking areas.

The Rest of the Story

Names have been changed to protect their identify: Property owner: Delilah. Property managers: Numerous. Building managers: Numerous.

We met as a group on a Saturday in October. I had performed an initial assessment of the largest complex and shared insights and recommendations. They were surprised as to how the analysis could be so precise; confirming building issues, management concerns, business challenges, and lack of procedures. We developed an emergency call list and discussed marketing.

We then discussed strategic planning initiatives. Delilah was pleasantly surprised and said the meeting went better than expected. Then I met with building managers for a question/answer session. One building in particular was of great concern as there was energy activating — violence involving guns/knives and loss of life. We put together an action plan and timeline with emphasis on the one building – remedies needed done immediately.

That night I flew to another client in a different state. We were on our way to breakfast when Delilah called and asked how soon I could return; that my “prediction came true.” The building where violence was activating – the tenant met a woman at a bar and they returned together. She had a stalker that followed them. The perpetrator kicked in the door. After nine shots, the intruder laid lifeless. The woman jumped out of a second-floor window and sustained injuries.

Let me clarify, authentic Feng Shui reveals trends not predictions. This isn’t fortune telling – it’s a precise energy analysis. Authentic Feng Shui identifies risks and opportunities so that owners can make educated decisions; saving time, energy, effort and money. There’s no satisfaction when a risk comes to fruition, especially when owners and managers didn’t have time to implement remedies. I felt so bad for them.

To readers: If you want to know more about each year’s energy, how you might experience it, and empower your success — watch for my yearly trends workshops.


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