Home and Business Feng Shui Testimonial

My husband and I hired Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts for Feng Shui on the recommendation of a friend. My husband runs a risk-management training company, so he and Diana shared that background. I’m a mother, lawyer, and writer.  Our goals included more financial and business success, clearer boundaries with work-life balance, improved relationships with [...]

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BIA Parade of Homes – Where’d You Hide the Feng Shui?

The Project Begins Jenny Frederick, of Spice It Up Interiors, originally met with me to discuss the Dani Homes’ energy. She had approval from the owner, Nilay Bhatt, to proceed so I performed an analysis on the building which was already under roof. A brief explanation of how classic (also called traditional) Feng Shui works [...]

BIA Parade of Homes – Where’d You Hide the Feng Shui?2020-10-08T14:20:10-04:00

Do Yourself a Favor, Hire Diana for a Consult!

I've worked with Diana Garber for many years. She helped me with my former house; and is now helping me with my apartment. Anytime she speaks locally, I attend if I can because there's always something to learn. When she says there's nothing cookie-cutter about the Feng Shui she practices, it's so true. I could [...]

Do Yourself a Favor, Hire Diana for a Consult!2019-09-26T14:00:50-04:00

Your Explanation of Feng Shui is Meaningful and Important

Diana, Just wanted to drop a note to express to you how meaningful and important that I found your explanation of Feng Shui. I have read about it from a more playful and superficial perspective but never realizing the depth of this practice. It is ancient and proven but I never knew anyone that truly [...]

Your Explanation of Feng Shui is Meaningful and Important2019-04-21T11:20:30-04:00

Exceeded My Expectations!

"I was delighted to appeal to Diana Garber for my personal strategy consultation. Diana gave me sound advice based on my personal Feng Shui (as the stars are somewhat different for each person). She told me about ways to relate to people and my environment, and whether this year is supportive of the changes I [...]

Exceeded My Expectations!2019-08-05T16:37:37-04:00
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