I was originally hired by this client to take a look at their landscaping. Many of the trees were sick and dying. We did a master consult and it turned into much more than just the landscaping. The client jumped in and the results are wonderful.

Why:   The client originally hired me to advise on landscaping. The trees at the back of their lot were sick/dying and had to be removed. They had worked with other Feng Shui practitioners who didn’t actually analyze energy, so after discussing how my approach to Feng Shui works holistically (encouraging the land, house, and occupants to communicate and support each other), we decided to proceed with a mastery consult.

What: The analysis showed that energy had dramatically shifted since the house was built in 1977. This warranted a special formula called a replacement star. Still, we discussed what a typical Feng Shui practitioner would surmise and compared it to my assessment. They confirmed what I described is how they were experiencing the space.

We met with their landscaper and reviewed his proposed design. Changes were made and everyone loves it.  Neighbors constantly stop by to comment.

I identified the client’s bed environment wasn’t supporting her, nor were wall colors supporting them or the house. His office wasn’t supporting him and needed to be tweaked. We selected paint colors, revisited artwork, and furniture was repositioned. She was concerned about my recommendations because they’d invested in design, furniture, drapes, and more. We all chuckle about it now because what they needed found them. It turned out to be a pretty seamless process. The results are so amazing that all who visit comment on feeling the difference, including their long-time contractor. He said he or the interior designer would never have thought to do what we did.


  • Health improved.
  • Relationship improved.
  • Communication and connection with others improved.
  • Career improved.
  • Finances improved.
  • They’re making informed decisions.
  • They’re very happy with landscaping outside, and changes inside their home.


“We hired Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts a year ago. Our existing Feng Shui advisor moved out of state and recommended we contact Diana. Our original goal was for landscaping. The trees in the back of our lot all had to come down and we knew this would traumatize the land so wanted help with the healing process. A landscape plan had already been drawn up so there was a sense of urgency to meet with her.

She and I shared a Bank One connection, and so she moved us to the front of the waitlist. I knew of Diana as a risk manager at Bank One. You can visit her bio to learn about her work, including disaster recovery situations.

Upon Diana’s visit, she discussed geopathic stress. She also delved into yin/yang of the house and how that affects our home’s energies. Then when she discussed calculations to determine the compatibility of the house with the land, energy of the house, our personal energy, and how it all works holistically and synergistically — we knew she was the advisor for us. We’d worked with two Feng Shui advisors prior to this and this was all news to us.

We enjoyed the process of goal setting. Instead of ‘just do this,’ the implementation plan was prioritized to help us meet our goals. Then Diana revealed declination considerations and explained the house’s original energy compared to today. The risks that were identified were in process or unfolding as identified in the analysis. Obtaining a true analysis of the energy instead of just applying the bagua revealed so much important information.

There was, however, the original sticker shock. Our frame of reference was an hourly rate for X hours. Diana’s approach is unlimited support for a project fee. She’s earned a spot as a trusted advisor and educator and is worth every penny.

Her recommendations affected the landscape plan, but also the interior of the house. We expressed concerns about the interior because we’d made an investment based on previous designer and Feng Shui advice. Diana assured us the energy would significantly improve, it wouldn’t be as painful as we anticipated, and remedies would organically find their way to us and work. And, she was right — we noticed energy shifts almost immediately. These included sleep, health, relationships, wealth, career success, communication with others, enjoying life more, and other benefits.

The landscape is stunningly beautiful. Even neighbors comment about it. The house sings with delight. Where we didn’t think we had time before, now there’s plenty of time AND energy. What used to wear us out now doesn’t. Money well spent. So, do yourself a favor – hire Diana for a transformational experience. Take our advice and do it right the first time!”

Gayle and Kurt Miller