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True Account – Commercial #1 – Rental Properties, Apartments, Townhouses, Homicide

Introduction When you understand the energy footprint of the property and structure that you are considering, or moving into or currently occupy, it is empowering. You make educated decisions that save time, help with health and relationships, and manifest abundance. Ask yourself … how did previous occupants experience the space … fulfilled, happy, successful, communicative; [...]

True Account – Commercial #1 – Rental Properties, Apartments, Townhouses, Homicide2023-06-15T07:53:58-04:00

BIA Parade of Homes – Where’d You Hide the Feng Shui?

The Project Begins Jenny Frederick, of Spice It Up Interiors, originally met with me to discuss the Dani Homes’ energy. She had approval from the owner, Nilay Bhatt, to proceed so I performed an analysis on the building which was already under roof. A brief explanation of how classic (also called traditional) Feng Shui works [...]

BIA Parade of Homes – Where’d You Hide the Feng Shui?2020-10-08T14:20:10-04:00

Kanodia MD Team-Building Workshop*

*This is a private event. First, congratulations to Dr. Kanodia for his appearance on The Doctors! Team-building workshops don’t cost extra as it’s part of my commitment to a client. This education series helps staff understand how Feng Shui is incorporated into their work environment, how patients benefit, and how staff can utilize this new [...]

Kanodia MD Team-Building Workshop*2020-08-06T09:40:49-04:00

House Sold In Three Days!

This is such a success story. This story is about using Feng Shui as a tool to sell your home. It's about a house that sold in three days. It has two clients with success stories that are tied together. I refer to them as Client A and Client B. I was contacted by Client [...]

House Sold In Three Days!2021-04-29T11:27:02-04:00

House Wouldn’t Sell!

Feng Shui and Real Estate. This client had a house to sell in a highly desirable neighborhood. She was on her third realtor and had reduced the price by tens-of-thousands of dollars. She called me in to help her using Feng-Shui. It's not uncommon for energetic issues to hold up the sale of a house, [...]

House Wouldn’t Sell!2019-12-27T11:45:07-05:00

Why Choose A Date Analysis?

Choosing a good day to perform an activity is a wise move. It allows you to do it right the first time; in other words, energies are optimal. Starting an activity or project on a bad-energy day sets the tone for how you (or others) will experience it. As an example, I worked with The [...]

Why Choose A Date Analysis?2019-02-27T15:53:07-05:00
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