This is such a success story.

This story is about using Feng Shui as a tool to sell your home. It’s about a house that sold in three days. It has two clients with success stories that are tied together. I refer to them as Client A and Client B.

I was contacted by Client A to sell their home as they were building their dream home. After working with them to Feng Shui the house it sold for cash in very short order.

There was even a condition on the sale that they leave all the furniture because the buyers wanted the Feng Shui lock, stock, and barrel.

Another condition was the home be vacated within a month, therefore they jumped into action looking for interim housing while we built their dream home.

They had had their eye on​ house to rent (which wasn’t for rent but only occupied part of the year). That is where we focused our attention (the house is pictured above).

We worked on Feng Shui and intention.

They approached the owners who resisted renting, and as a result, the owners eventually came around and agreed to lease the house. The renters, owners, and I met and discussed a Feng Shui plan which was implemented. Client A enjoyed living there a year while their new house was built.

Meanwhile, the owners (now Client B) had me look at their three homes as to which to keep or sell.

We worked together to make the decision as to which home to sell, it was pretty easy. Since we already did Feng Shui on the home they rented to Client A (pictured above), we put that one on the market.

The house SOLD within three days of listing!

After selling the house, we had to address which of their remaining homes they should spend most of their time.

In the end, both clients were extremely happy with the results.

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May you be exceedingly, generously, and joyfully blessed, (c)

~Diana Garber, Feng Shui Master


*Here is an addendum from the previous owners:

I was the prior owner of this home: We had put this house on the market a few years ago, but simply could not sell it at the prices being offered. 

We took the home off the market and rented it to neighbors while they were building their new home nearby. While living there as renters, they hired Intuitive Concepts (Diana Garber) to optimize the home for them using traditional feng shui concepts. 

When they moved into their new home and we visited our house to prepare it for the market, it was like walking into an entirely different home … very serene … a wonderful experience; made me want to move back in. 

We put the house back on the market, and it sold immediately. Basically, the buyers walked in and felt immediately that this “was their new home.” 

We have worked with Diana since, and highly recommend her to any and all. 

Dr. Russell Faust, MD, PhD