Choosing a good day to perform an activity is a wise move. It allows you to do it right the first time; in other words, energies are optimal. Starting an activity or project on a bad-energy day sets the tone for how you (or others) will experience it.

As an example, I worked with The Ohio State University on a grand opening and provided several good energy days for promoting and marketing, and the grand opening itself. From those selections, they chose the dates and kicked-off the marketing blitz on a good-energy day AND had the event itself on a good-energy day. The executive of the medical complex said it was the best event of its kind ever!

There are so many considerations to calculate a good-energy day. Just to list a few:

  • The type of event (break ground/plant, business, construction/renovation, a court appointment or file a legal document, finalize a deal, get engaged, interview or start a new job, list your home, make a major financial transaction, medical, sign a contract, travel, wed, etc.)
  • Your personal profile based on your birth information (month, day, year, time, location) and location where you live now
  • Gender of stakeholders (males are calculated differently than females)
  • For a business, it might include the company’s established date and/or date of construction
  • It may also include key stakeholder’s birth dates
  • The date of the event (or date range)
  • If a specific day of the week is desired (i.e., wedding on weekends)

Certainly, there are ways to obtain free basic guidelines. The problem becomes the provider or program only takes into account finite pieces of the puzzle, and are based on either Western astrology (planets, moons, eclipses, retrogrades, etc.) or Eastern astrology (BaZi). Some say, as an example, that Friday is always a bad day because of their method of analysis. I look forward to Fridays, how about you? Typically you can find date analyses on the internet ranging from $30-$100 for a single event.

Conversely, our analysis includes Western and Eastern influences, everything we’ve mentioned thus far, and much more. The analysis for the year takes weeks to compile, then we filter your criteria on top of that. Even after the date analysis is finalized, there are customized data points that affect your end result. That’s one reason we haven’t published our findings in a book or downloadable format. We pride ourselves on quality and have many testimonies to back that up. Our analysis starts at $18 for a single event.

So, the message is basic. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Call us today for a free estimate.