Feng Shui and Real Estate.

This client had a house to sell in a highly desirable neighborhood.

She was on her third realtor and had reduced the price by tens-of-thousands of dollars.

She called me in to help her using Feng-Shui. It’s not uncommon for energetic issues to hold up the sale of a house, or any building for that matter. So, I went to work! There are many measurements and calculations that I do to discover what is happening energetically in a building.

I discovered that the house’s energy footprint showed financial challenges and blockages overlaid with robbery (being robbed of energy, progress, and bringing the sale to completion). This described her experiences thus far as offers came but went.

I came up with a list of recommended changes and tweaks that she could make relatively easily, which she did expeditiously.

The Result

She implemented remedies quickly as well as changed the price per my recommendations to incorporate good energy numbers.

Within 30 days she had multiple offers and it became a bidding competition.

Ultimately, she sold it to a man named Faith for more than the original asking price.

“Coincidence, I think not!” she said. She brought to my attention the fee for my services – that it was much less than a realtor’s fee and produced quantifiable long-lasting results.

We went to work on her finding her new house!