Home and Business Feng Shui Testimonial

My husband and I hired Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts for Feng Shui on the recommendation of a friend. My husband runs a risk-management training company, so he and Diana shared that background. I’m a mother, lawyer, and writer.  Our goals included more financial and business success, clearer boundaries with work-life balance, improved relationships with [...]

Home and Business Feng Shui Testimonial2021-07-30T11:53:13-04:00

2021 Trends – Be Empowered in the 6 Hard-Metal and Metal Ox Year

2021 Trends – Be Empowered in the 6 Hard-Metal and Metal Ox Year A Must-Attend Virtual Event! This workshop is so packed with information and tips, you won’t want to miss it. Learn how to minimize negative energy so that opportunities can blossom. Here’s a sampling of what we’ll cover: 2021’s Feng Shui energy is [...]

2021 Trends – Be Empowered in the 6 Hard-Metal and Metal Ox Year2021-01-15T18:00:03-05:00

Kanodia MD Team-Building Workshop*

*This is a private event. First, congratulations to Dr. Kanodia for his appearance on The Doctors! Team-building workshops don’t cost extra as it’s part of my commitment to a client. This education series helps staff understand how Feng Shui is incorporated into their work environment, how patients benefit, and how staff can utilize this new [...]

Kanodia MD Team-Building Workshop*2020-08-06T09:40:49-04:00

Dr. Kanodia Remodel

It is such a pleasure to work with people such as Dr. Kanodia. I've been helping with his new medical clinic and the results are astounding, and still unfolding. See before and after pictures below and stay tuned for the soon to be updated fully functioning kitchen. [...]

Dr. Kanodia Remodel2020-07-15T10:38:00-04:00

Feng Shui or Architect First? Remodel or Build?

Q: I'm currently working with an architect to determine whether to redesign/remodel/add-on to our current home, or design/build from scratch. I'd like to incorporate feng shui into the design process. Do you or will you work along with architects? If so, when would be the best time to jump into the project?  Jeanne, Nashport, Ohio [...]

Feng Shui or Architect First? Remodel or Build?2019-08-27T13:11:54-04:00

Feng Shui for Health & Wellness @ Cleveland Center for Integrative Dentistry 

Apr 29 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm Register here! Cleveland Center for Integrative Dentistry is pleased to collaborate with Intuitive Concepts to offer Feng Shui for Health & Wellness. Did you know the energy of your home can support or undermine your health and wellness? Does this describe you – you’re doing everything right (treatments, [...]

Feng Shui for Health & Wellness @ Cleveland Center for Integrative Dentistry 2019-02-27T15:16:36-05:00

Davenport Aviation Utilizes Feng Shui

The team-building event held at Davenport Aviation on Valentine's Day 2018, is an option that any commercial-mastery client can utilize. It doesn't cost extra because it's part of my commitment to a client ... to help staff understand what is being done, why, and how they can incorporate their new knowledge at work and at home. [...]

Davenport Aviation Utilizes Feng Shui2018-04-06T11:21:26-04:00

Case Study – Feng Shui for Business

In 2016, I led a Feng Shui for Business workshop as a way to show how Feng Shui principles and practices can affect the success of a business. Also, I wanted to demonstrate how Feng Shui can help to energize and empower a location, the commercial building, and staff members in the building. In addition, [...]

Case Study – Feng Shui for Business2018-01-24T09:56:15-05:00

Quality vs. Quantity

In these challenging economic times, businesses and homeowners are looking for lean and mean solutions. As an example, the demand for quality versus quantity is why we’re more judicious about driving. Where once we would hop in the car and explore along the way, today’s gas prices incent us to be more focused … making [...]

Quality vs. Quantity2018-04-09T09:04:23-04:00
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