Valentine’s Day 2023 and The Color Red

Valentine's Day

Happy New Year (January 1)!

Happy Chinese New Year (January 22)!

Happy Feng Shui New Year (February 4)!

Happy Valentine’s Day (February 14)!

We have a lot to celebrate and when it comes to colors for your Valentine, keep the following thoughts in mind. 2023 is a Chinese astrology water-rabbit year. That means colors are blue, black, and green. From a Feng Shui perspective it is a 4 soft-wood year — also green.

The 4 year on the surface is a creative year — good for academia, romance, and being social. Like anything, too much of a good thing can turn sour; as in a casual flirtation leads to an affair or attending lots of events has you walking to your car or in parking lots. What do you do with this information? Be aware of your surroundings!

  • If a casual flirtation occurs, have limits in mind and know when to back off.
  • When walking to your car or in a parking lot, ensure others are around you.

So back to colors … red is a fight or flight color. It makes our pupils enlarge, stimulates the appetite (thus why food commercials incorporate red), and wakes us up. Red has the highest energetic resonance of all colors and is known as a power color for that reason.

Valentine’s Day utilizes red because it represents love. Visit the card or grocery store this time of year and see a wall of red. Red can spark passion in the bedroom or help a person with some needed energy. I love red, in moderation, and want to offer ideas so that it doesn’t overwhelm your sweetie, a room, or a that special occasion. Let’s start with the Feng Shui element wheel.

Five elements

Let’s focus on water, wood, fire and earth. Water is represented by the colors blue and black mentioned above. There are two portions of wood (green) this year because of the rabbit and 4 year. Then there’s the excitement of fire (red). The double wood is really going to ignite fire in 2023 (too much of a good thing). So, balance it out with earth (ivory, yellow, tan or brown).

Also consider muted forms of red such as pink, rose, or maroon.

Example 1: Create balance with an arrangement of red and ivory roses on wood furniture. Each type of wood has a characteristic color, grain pattern and finish. Some woods work better with red colors than others. Enhancing and blending with reds are the beautiful woods of maple, cherry, mahogany and ebony.

Example 2: A new set of luxurious beige sheets and pillow cases sprinkled with red and ivory rose petals.

Example 3: Add a beautiful scarf with the same colors draped over a lamp.

Example 4: Place ivory candles on top of a mirror and sprinkle red rose petals. The mirror reflects the light upward and creates a divine ambiance.

Example 5: In the bathroom place a red hand-towel on a new set of ivory towels.

Example 6: Take the wash cloth and shape it into a heart and tie the whole set together with branches and gold ribbons. Let your imagine sore!

And let’s remember gratitude. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about flowers, candy, or presents. It can be a simple expression of gratitude. My husband has had this in his bathroom for years and looks at it every morning. We all need to be reminded now and again that we make a difference just by being.

So, whether celebrating you, having friends over, or spicing up a relationship … Happy Feng Shui Valentine’s to you! If you’re looking for love, here’s one of many success stories! Want to love your home more? Hear from these folks.

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P.S. Clients who have fire as an avoid, a temporary splash for Valentine’s Day is okay.

May you be exceedingly, generously, and joyfully blessed today,

~Diana Garber, Feng Shui Master