July 30, 2017

Based on the energy of our house, Diana said the front door was less of an influence than the surrounding geography (the other practitioners based their findings on the front door). Diana advised us to move the abundance of plants out (that we were told would help our wealth), and to make a long story short … we undid everything the previous consultants suggested. We’ve implemented everything Diana has said to do and now love our home.

A few examples of what has changed since working with Diana:

1) Our home increased in value from $315k to $360k. We paid off a $60k loan.

2) I was unemployed when hiring Diana and shortly afterwards was offered a job. Within a short time, I received an unprecedented $5/hour raise. 

3) My husband reduced his hours at work and spent more time with the family. Our communication has improved. We are able to support each other in more ways. 

4) My children definitely are healthier and happier. 

5) We sold our car and my husband’s bike for a good amount of money which we were not able to sell for a long time.

We also hired Diana to help us with an investment property in Cincinnati. It was on the market for months. We even tried different realtors and dropped the price. After Diana advised us, it went into contract within 30 days. It was a miracle!

Now we’re moving to Texas so if anyone is looking for a Feng Shui home, call Diana for my contact information. We’ve even added a home theater room, and another bedroom and full bath.