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Feng Shui for Health and Wellness

  Mount Carmel is pleased to collaborate with Intuitive Concepts to offer Feng Shui for Health & Wellness.   Did you know the energy of your home can support or undermine your health and wellness? Does this describe you – you’re doing everything right (treatments, exercise, nutrition) yet aren’t experiencing the progress you desire; or [...]

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Neurobiology & Geophysics

How wonderful when clients share information that connects the dots between authentic Feng Shui with science and research. Lori is a physician and sent this article from Science News Magazine. I'd love to give her full credit but she prefers to stay under the radar. Thank you, my friend! The article, in the body [...]

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Wireless Risks for Expecting Mothers and Infants

"It is so simple to move your cell phone away from your abdomen when you're pregnant. Why not do it? There's essentially no downside to being cautious and protecting your baby." -Dr Hugh Taylor, Yale University One focus of current research is wireless radiation, also referred to as microwave radiation or radio frequency radiation (RFR). Wireless [...]

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