Feng Shui and The 2023 Wind Year


‘What’s up with the weather lately and how does it relate to Feng Shui for 2023?’ is a question I covered in the recent 2023 Trends webinar. If you weren’t able to attend the webinar, I’ll make it available for you via video for a limited time. This will not be posted on my YouTube channel since this was a paid event and it has customized information for participants. However, feedback has been fantastic as we covered a LOT of topics (see link) including tips anyone can benefit from.

As a 4 year (see graph below), authentic Feng Shui corresponds with current events including the weather. Energy (or chi) is associated with the five elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood). Each element is associated with certain aspects of Mother Earth and a numerical value.

Element Number Symbol
Fire 9 Fire, heat, light, sun
Earth 2 Mother Earth
Earth 5 Center of all
Earth 8 Mountains
Metal – hard (yang) 6 Heaven
Metal – soft (yin) 7 Lakes, marsh
Water 1 Water, rivers, oceans
Wood – hard (yang) 3 Thunder
Wood – soft (yin) 4 Wind, air, respiration

With that information as a base, think about recent events using the flying-star model (how the numbers float on a grid) for 2023 which places four (wind) in the center. This means it impacts everyone—everywhere, and particularly the SE of each continent and each country.

Also take into account a year – 12 months. If we divide that up into quarters, that’s three months. Feng Shui starts in February so back that up three months (January, December, November). At this point, we’re feeling the energy of 2023 during November if not a month or before. A few examples of “wind,” that happened/is happening in the the U.S.?

Unprecedented wind, rain, flooding influence on California
Dozens of Devasting Tornadoes
6 Tornadoes Midwest
Hurricanes S.E. in U.S. 2022

Now for 2023, the four green Wen Qu star (wind) visits the center. While this is good for the entertainment industry and peach blossoms (romance), I don’t believe it’s coincidence that respiratory issues are significant and on the rise.

Some think this insight is scary. I find it invigorating. It, to me, represents choice (how to respond). I look at what’s happened in the past and how it equates to the year’s Feng Shui energy; and compare it to what’s happening (or can happen) today or next year.

It is said our lives entail three aspects: Destiny, Luck, and Feng Shui. Destiny is how we fulfill our life’s contract (purpose). Luck can be thought of as the choices we make. Do you create your own luck? Is your life today your own manifestation? An interesting query!

As far as what can you do with this information? Over plan and go with the flow! When it hits the fan, you’ll be glad you did.

Wind also represents breath (asthma, breath) so be proactive regarding allergies and such. Also, avoid getting caught up in gossip and misinformation.

Feng Shui is about honoring all things (our bodies and environment). Can we change the weather? Maybe yes, maybe no; but consider global warming and its impacts. What can you create by honoring all things? Speak with your actions and your vote. We have not inherited the earth from our fathers, we are borrowing it from our children.

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May you be exceedingly, generously, and joyfully blessed today,

~Diana Garber, Feng Shui Master


Diana, Thank you for the great webinar! It went by so quickly. I was thinking two hours was going to be way too long for my short attention span, but I found the content, the natural flow, the casual more laid-back presentation of a complex topic very engaging and was very interesting truly.

The slides were easy to see and understand. I was amazed how you took so much content and just let it all flow.

I’m familiar with your background which can be intimidating as one could think your content would be way over their heads but your manner and presentation style was welcoming and personable.

I’m only saying all this as you asked for feedback and this is my honest feedback.

A funny note, for many years I was told dragons were not my friend so I always kept my distance. Golly my life is full of dragons. Ha! Dragons have been my spiritual allies. What I mean is in my life experience dragons were always a personal thorn in my side, but they gave me the biggest kick out of any rut I was in. They let me know I was in a rut and kicked me out of them whether I wanted to or not!

What I learned about the dragons in my life was they are not there to be personal friends, they are there to be allies for spiritual growth. As long as I remember that and keep that boundary, my life is blessed by the dragon,

I got a lot from the webinar and I’m booking a personal strategy with you. Thank you again for all the content at a reasonable price. It’s so appreciated!

Sincerely, Bethanne