Neurobiology & Geophysics

How wonderful when clients share information that connects the dots between authentic Feng Shui with science and research. Lori is a physician and sent this article from Science News Magazine. I’d love to give her full credit but she prefers to stay under the radar. Thank you, my friend!

The article, in the body & brain section of April 2019’s magazine, is entitled People May Sense Magnetic Fields Vol. 195, No. 4, P. 6. You and I know we do in fact react to magnetic fields. I mentioned on Good Day Columbus’ segment that we’re born with an internal compass and this affects sleep and how we experience the space we’re surrounded by including our homes and offices.

In the section for ‘further reading,’ a link to Science News Online, covers quantum compass for birds. My voicemail (740) 965-9458 for years has referenced Feng Shui as quantum living. I found the Science News article about trout (fish) nose cells follow magnetic fields. Guess you can tell I’m a geek at heart.

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