Great Books to Improve Your Quality of Life

Did you know you are doing your immune system a favor by slowing down?

Remember reading?

The news is way to negative and scary these days! Of course, we need to be informed, but there comes a time when it is time to turn off the TV and stop searching on Youtube for a mindless video (I know it’s fun, but just how much time do you want to spend there?)

Remember when one of our main sources of entertainment was reading a book?

You know, those rectangular things that have a hardcover and paper in the middle?

Reading a book is meditative and mindful. Even fast-paced novels are better when compared to the sensory overload of TV and the Internet these days.

Do your body and mind a favor and pick up a book to read. OK, you can get on the computer and order some, but the chances are, if you’ve read this far, you probably have some books lying around that you’ve been meaning to get to.

Slowing your body and mind down decreases your heart rate and allows your body to perform better. Therefore, you are decreasing your chances of getting COVID19 by allowing your immune system to do what it is supposed to do: fight off viruses.

These are some of my favorite books toward achieving life mastery, both personal and professional.