Skin Perfect Studio, Columbus, Ohio

Why:  An opportunity surfaced for Jaclyn Peresetsky, proprietor, to purchase a hair and nail business in a desirable Columbus location. Expansion was one of her previous goals at Skin Perfect Image Wellness Spa so she invited me to perform a Feng Shui analysis. The suite was dated and drab. Jaclyn wanted clients to experience a fresh and vibrant look (welcoming, transforming, and interactive) while maintaining the brand from the Polaris location.

What:  Feng Shui affected the design and build-out, as well as interior colors and utilization of space. We also had team-building sessions to explain to staff what was done, why it was done that way, and about their personal energy. This empowered them to not only share with patrons, but manage their personal energy. “Oh, that’s why I’m so tired after cutting Jane’s hair!”


  • “Everyone loves the change. The before and after pictures are amazing. Feng Shui gave me confidence in my choices. It works!” ~Jaclyn Peresetsky
  • The studio is a success, attracting new clients and offering new Skin Perfect services.
  • People experience collaboration, empowerment, and delight.

Skin Perfect Studio Group

Skin Perfect Studio Group

Reception Before & After

Skin Perfect Reception BeforeSkin Perfect Reception After

Hair Stations Before & After

Hair Stations BeforeHair Stations After

Nail Stations Before & After

Nail Stations BeforeNail Stations After

Wash Stations Before & After

Wash Stations BeforeWash Stations After

Lounge Before & After

Lounge BeforeLounge After

Restroom Before & After

Restroom AfterRestroom After

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