Who:   Kanodia MD, Westerville, OH, USA

The Beginning:  I was referred to Dr. Kanodia about the possibility of helping with his new medical clinic by someone in his inner circle. When he and I met, we decided to start with a smaller-scale project but one just as important — Feng Shui for his new condo. When Dr. Kanodia learned that authentic Feng Shui (utilizes formulas and algorithms rather than just overlaying the bagua) actually diagnoses the energy of the space before establishing a treatment plan, he realized how functional medicine and authentic Feng Shui align — in other words (just like he says in his video) researching the root cause rather than prescribing meds then going through a process of elimination. There is nothing cookie-cutter about Dr. Kanodia’s approach just as there’s nothing cookie-cutter about authentic Feng Shui (no two people are exactly alike, and no two buildings are exactly alike [or how people experience the space]). I highly recommend Dr. Kanodia. He is genuine, kind, and health and wellness is truly his mission.

The Core Design Team

The Address

660 Cooper Road, Westerville, OH 43081
Suite 400 is on the first floor and is Dr. Kanodia’s primary care practice.
Suite 900 is on the second floor. It houses a commercial kitchen, conference room, and rental suites for healthcare practitioners.

Preliminary Assessment

In July 2018, Dr. Kanodia asked if I’d visit the building and provide a preliminary recommendation (to pursue or keep looking). The primary suite he was considering had been vacant for almost a decade. It was a medical clinic so the long-term vacancy was a red flag. Oftentimes, the past provides insight for the present and future. The energy analysis confirmed reasons for the vacancy but also showed potential for anyone who knew what to do; in other words, minimize energetic risks so that opportunities can blossom. I gave a thumbs up. After their team discussed my involvement, we agreed to move forward. Once a client says yes, we agree on timelines, we sign a contract, they pay a retainer, and several procedures are invoked (too much detail to post here).

Activities Through End of 2018:

  • Provide date analyses for closing the loan and significant events
  • Visit his current office to gain perspective on how that space was being utilized
  • Discuss what he liked or didn’t about the current space
  • Evaluate what we’d have to work with (repurpose furniture and artwork)
  • Meet staff
  • Work further on the energy analysis
  • Provide a document explaining the assessment with high-level recommendations
  • Draw up building and floor plans
  • Meet with the builder and interior designer
  • Discuss floor plan changes, demolition, and interior selections (next section)
  • Visit Cooper Road for team meetings and space cleansings
  • Promote tenant opportunities
  • Determine functions for offices in suite 400
  • Provide a detailed list on what is yet to unfold through build-out, move in, training and education, grand opening, and throughout their service period (until February 2020).

Interior Selections

Suite 400
Suite 900

Analysis of the building was performed in order to understand its energies. Then I could hone in on each specific suite. An overall theme was defined which then determined paint colors, flooring, lighting, artwork, countertops, cabinetry, furniture, and accessories. In addition, a specific room was selected for Dr. Kanodia’s office.

Then because people are more familiar with Black Sect Tantric Buddhism Feng Shui (also known as Black Hat, BTB, or Western Feng Shui), I provided a layout according to the bagua. This way occupants can play with their personal offices (i.e., utilize personal objects or decorations) so long as the main Feng Shui plan isn’t compromised. After the move, I’ll consult with each staff member and practitioner if they so choose.

Update: August 8, 2019

The new office is open! We will have pictures to share soon.