Skin Perfect Image Wellness Spa, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Why:  Jaclyn Peresetsky, proprietor, wanted to move Skin Perfect. She had me look at several locations. While Polaris wasn’t one that I evaluated, she signed the lease and built the suite out. The energy wasn’t supporting the business as well as it could so she asked me to perform a Feng Shui analysis. Goals included revenue, staffing, marketing, expansion and new endeavors.

What:  Since Jaclyn didn’t own the building, we proceeded with a commercial kick-start consultation. We concentrated on interior colors and design, and utilization of the space.


  • Revenue improved.
  • Jaclyn is attracting great staff and hired a spa manager. She’s enjoying her family more and creative time.
  • She appears regularly on TV, in magazines, and speaks all over the country.
  • An opportunity surfaced for another location which is Skin Perfect Studio.
  • Skin Perfect has also expanded into Naples, FL.

Skin Perfect Group

Skin Perfect Group

Makeup Area Before & After

Skin Perfect Spa Makeup Area BeforeSkin Perfect Spa Makeup Area After

Reception Before & After

Skin Perfect Spa Reception BeforeSkin Perfect Spa Reception After

Product Counter Before & After

Skin Perfect Spa Product Counter BeforeSkin Perfect Spa Product Counter After

Office Before & After

Skin Perfect Spa Office BeforeSkin Perfect Spa Office After

Checkout Before & After

Skin Perfect Spa Checkout BeforeSkin Perfect Spa Checkout After

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