Children’s Health Defense

  Dear Diana, I look forward to seeing you for the 5G Summit, and also want to thank you for being a member of Children's Health Defense! Our mission is to end childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable, and establish safeguards so this never happens again. Children's Health [...]

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5G Crisis – You NEED To Know

First, please read Debra Greene, PhD’s, article 5G - The Global Human Experiment Without Consent, When I had an advisory board a few years back, Debra was on it. Her article is published in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s News & Views! Check it out! A major concern of mine is 5G is coming whether we like it or [...]

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Hina Environmental Myers-Briggs Refresh

On April 27th, Brian and Susan Hina, of Hina Environmental Solutionshad me in to do a workshop to update Myers-Briggs for their staff. It is an empowering experience for individuals and especially so when dealing with another human being (let alone a customer-centric business). Brian and Susan find the charts helpful and say they reference [...]

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Energy, Vitality & Wellness For You And Your Family

Intuitive Concepts’ theme for 2015 was “It’s All About You.” We chose this theme as a special tribute to our clients, customers, and fan base because you are the most important people to us. Therefore, each month we shared information, tips, and testimonials that will benefit you, and offer suggestions on how to remedy challenges [...]

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Every Day In Every Way, Feng Shui Serves You

May is in the 2nd quarter of the year and we’re still encountering Spring. The primary direction we’re focusing this quarter is East representing wood, the rising of the sun, new life, and nature reclaiming the land. East honors the male gender, ancestors, and family. In business, customers and employees are highlighted. Those of us who [...]

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Preventing Mold In Your Home Or Building

This article by Peter Sierck offers tips on preventing mold. I mentioned mold being a problem in 2015 in this video so if you have it in your home or office, be proactive. Need help with mold? Contact our friends at Hina Environmental Solutions. They do residential and commercial mold remediation. May you be exceedingly, generously, [...]

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Meditation May Reduce Risk Of Suicidal Thoughts In Middle Schoolers

As I mentioned in a video about 2015's energy, it is a tough year for young people. There was so much to look forward to in 2015, and there were cautionary concerns too. You were able to choose to walk through the year unconsciously dealing with whatever occurs, or you were able to elect to consciously [...]

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