Who:   Deb’s House

Why:  This client wanted to unblock her energy – changing from a ‘can’t’ to ‘can’ approach to life. She wanted to move out items and relationships that no longer served her. She was thinking about purchasing a horse but hadn’t acted on it. She wanted her pet massage and communication business http://www.angelhandspetmassage.com to blossom and grow; and she wanted to publish a book.

What:  The main house was built in 1967 and an addition built in 1994. They had different energy footprints and weren’t working together. Think of a 44-year old with a new baby sibling; not much in common and the center of attention now has to share the limelight. That needed addressed as occupants get caught up in the struggle. With each section’s energy now diagnosed, we determined where risks and opportunities were. Minimize risks and opportunities can blossom. We addressed landscaping, interior colors, furniture placement, furnishings, clutter, artwork, and more.


  • Many blessings have come to her and she’s living a life of possibility
  • Relationships that weren’t serving her have moved on in a positive way
  • She’s now a loving Mom to two horses and enjoys more time in nature riding them
  • Her business helps many animal parents and animals
  • She’s pursuing publishing endeavors


I originally hired Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts in 2011 to Feng Shui my home. It made such a difference that I continue to work with her so the energy flows well and my life is blessed. Friends frequently comment on how calm and peaceful it is here.

In 2012, I received a letter that my uncle was still alive and in a nursing home in Parkersburg, WV. This was exactly 5 years from the date of Dad’s death. We never knew why they parted ways decades before, and we hadn’t been able to locate my uncle. The letter arrived late in the day so I called the next day to learn he had passed an hour or so before I called. I guess Uncle Lawrence still didn’t want to be seen.

He never married, had no children, and no will. I reached out to Diana for a date analysis of my power days. This was important to me because traveling to Parkersburg, WV is a 2.5 hour trip one-way, I wanted to minimize obstacles, and I needed maximum efficiency.

To summarize: My sister and I went to WV on a Thursday to handle my uncle’s estate. We started at Probate Court at 11:30am so that I could be appointed Administrator. From there we went to the funeral home to pick up death certificates; nursing home to pick up his wallet; to the probate attorney; to insurance company; to the post office for change of address; to his bank to close his checking account; and finally to a monument place to select his headstone. After that we went to his house to go through some of the things. We accomplished all of those things in 5 hours, and we were at his house by 4:30 pm. Everything went smoothly, fluidly & efficiently. I didn’t tell my sister it was my power day — it was more fun to keep that to myself.

Diana and I have recently completed my continuance for 2018. It’s always interesting to see what minor tweaks may be needed for the house. As well, an analysis for my best power days is forthcoming to help me with some legal and personal matters this year. I know personally how well that works!

I highly recommend that you contact Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts to pursue Feng Shui for your home or business, and utilize her date analysis for your best energy (power) days.

Master Bedroom Before & After

Master Bedroom BeforeMaster Bedroom After

3rd Bedroom Before & After

3rd Bedroom Before3rd Bedroom After

4th Bedroom Before & After

4th Bedroom Before4th Bedroom After

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