Why:  This client moved to Ohio from New York. They purchased a beautiful home but after moving in Mom and son started having health issues. Their physician referred them to me. After performing a residential mastery consultation, the home’s energy not only confirmed their dilemma; it showed challenges for Dad too. Dad was a true Feng Shui skeptic, but events I described unfolded that he couldn’t deny.

What:  I always recommend a residential mastery consultation when someone is ill. We addressed landscaping, interior colors, furniture placement, artwork, and more.


  • Health improved. Low energy. Anxiety. Stomach issues.
  • Relationships improved.
  • They now have time to devote more meaningfully to their faith.
  • Business — wow!
  • He’s no longer a skeptic. We’ve now done many projects together including an office building and new home

What they have to say:

Our physician referred my wife to Intuitive Concepts last March to help with energy and health concerns. We’d been in our home for five years and she never felt settled.

Diana Garber came for her first visit in April when she performed a preliminary analysis. The energy of our house showed several challenges for my wife, and Diana’s consultation confirmed what we already knew regarding her health. In addition, there were things Diana identified that she had no way of knowing such as a flood in one room and an old wrist injury my wife had suffered a year or two ago. Although I had agreed to Diana doing the analysis, I wasn’t particularly interested in the findings. Then Diana also revealed a few concerns for me. Some of them didn’t make any sense at the time, but within a month one particular risk needed my full professional attention.

I resisted several of the changes Diana recommended. The color changes that were recommended for our house did not appeal to me at all, so Diana suggested we talk to an interior-decorating company that specializes in Feng Shui design. Between the Feng Shui plan of action, and the help of McCandlish Interiors with color and furniture selections, Lisa and I were pleasantly surprised by how the house felt after we addressed our top priorities. The house looked and felt warmer, and we noticed a shift in the energy for our home as well as our lives. Therefore, we committed wholeheartedly to Feng Shui. Our house finally feels like home.

The results we’ve experienced in our personal lives include improved health for both of us. In addition, I ran a half marathon and Lisa is enjoying life more; and our relationship is the best it’s been in a long time. Professionally, my company has experienced significant growth and increased revenue.

We were so impressed with the results of our home that we hired Diana to look at another home we have in Michigan. The analysis done there (as well as the things we have learned in the process) has helped transform a house with less-than-desirable-energy, to one that sings when we walk in the door. Even though we haven’t implemented all the changes yet, we have been met with considerable praise by both our neighbors and the builder that is renovating the house.

I’m a facts-and- figures businessman, and possess a strong Christian faith; therefore, I was a bit apprehensive in the beginning about Feng Shui. Fortunately, my experience has proven that it is practical, factual, and quantifiable. I consider Diana to be a valuable strategic partner so she’s now helping me with other projects. I highly recommend that you consider improving your life, and suggest that you don’t hesitate hiring Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts if you want to enhance your living and working environments.

Parlor Before & After

Parlor BeforeParlor After

Master Bedroom Before & After

Master Bedroom BeforeMaster Bedroom After

Family Room Before & After

Family Room BeforeFamily Room After

Dining Room Before & After

Dining Room BeforeDining Room After

Guest Room Before & After

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