Who: Greg & Jennifer Baryluk

Why: This family moved to Ohio from New England. After moving in, their son was diagnosed with leukemia. He was undergoing traditional chemo; and Jennifer also utilized acupressure, nutrition, and homeopathy. Based on his birthdate, I asked if this came to a head during 2009 (fire year burns wood which is the son’s energy). Yes — while leukemia is normally a sudden onset, his symptoms were gradual then he was diagnosed in the fall.

Greg’s job promotion didn’t come through as promised which was their reason for moving to Ohio. It would have reduced his travel. This left Jennifer managing a household of seven mostly on her own. She was an engineer and wanted to start a yoga business and be more self-expressed.

The Feng Shui analysis confirmed the challenges they were experiencing.

What: I always recommend at least a residential mastery consultation when someone is ill. We addressed landscaping, interior colors, furniture placement, and changed who slept in various bedrooms.


  • Health improved. Leukemia.
  • We celebrated their son’s remission with a surprise chemo-free party! He’s now off to college.
  • Greg’s promotion came through.
  • Jennifer now owns a successful yoga studio

What they had to say:

I saw Diana speak at an event and was intrigued by her knowledge and sincerity. Shortly after that event our son was diagnosed with advanced leukemia, and I wondered if she could help. We started working with lntuitive Concepts right away. At that time, our son was receiving intense chemotherapy treatments, wasn’t able to attend school, and there was the potential for frequent hospital visits. ln addition, we moved to OH a few years before for my husband’s career, but that wasn’t unfolding as we’d planned. Stress and sleep were issues for many of us. I also wanted to find a means of stress relief and self-expression in a way that helped others and allowed me to contribute to our household.

We’re about 80% into our remedies. Our son is in remission. My husband had a different opportunity surface and is enjoying work more. We’re sleeping better. l’m teaching yoga, and building a business with products my family uses and I heartily endorse. We’re not 100% there, but we’re working on it. This is a process after all. When Diana asked if the investment was worth it, our answer is yes!

Intuitive Concepts gave us a prioritized plan of action and a sense of control. Many people with cancer feel they’ve lost control or have no control. Diana told us about a book she read during her corporate career, “lnfluence Without Authority.” The title sums up our experience. lt’s nice to know there is something one can do to change things.

I heartily recommend Intuitive Concepts to anyone who would like to improve their well-being and take control of their life.

Matt's Chemo Free Party

Matt’s Chemo Free Party

Jennifer Baryluk

Jennifer Baryluk

Living Room Before & After

Living Room BeforeLiving Room

Office Before & After

Office BeforeOffice After

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