Whether you use a compass or not, you’ll want to read this article.

Energy changes every moment, hour, day, month, and year. You and the buildings you live and work in need to change with it.

You’ll notice I used the word “with” it. In other words, we don’t cure energy; it is constantly shifting.

The key to successful Feng Shui is to go with the flow.

There are two approaches to change … recovery and continuity.

  • Recovery means something happened and we need to react/respond (clean-up efforts, emergency services, etc.). Recovery typically invokes a survival situation. We’re certainly seeing a lot of this all over the globe.
  • Continuity means identifying risks in advance and planning appropriately to get through it. Continuity typically provides stability and thriving in the face of adversity. We sure need more of this.

Anyone who knows me knows I served for years as a Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Manager for a Fortune 100 company. I learned a thing or two during that time, and I also know authentic Feng Shui is aligned to that discipline.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, Phys Org, Science Alert, Space.com, National Geographic, NPR, and others announced magnetic North has experienced a dramatic shift recently.

(If you’re interested in more detail, write to me. I’m happy to send you a 112-page report compiled by world experts.)

Keep in mind Mother earth changes constantly, and for those of us who use a magnetic compass for consults, you may want to revisit projects.

For those who use an electronic device to obtain compass readings, did you know it isn’t the same as a reading you’ll obtain with a magnetic compass? Electronic devices (i.e., your smartphone or tablet) use GPS (Global Positioning System) that utilizes satellites, latitude, and longitude. This is called true North due to its accuracy. Magnetic compasses utilize North or South poles.

If you start on a hike using true North and lose signal and then switch to a magnetic compass, it’s unlikely you’ll end up where you originally intended!

I learn so much more about the energy of a site with a magnetic compass.

Want to know more? I’m coordinating a workshop for May 2020 on how to read a compass for Feng Shui purposes, so stay tuned.

For Feng Shui enthusiasts who utilize a compass, if the compass reading has shifted to a different 150 quadrant than originally captured, the calculations very well may have changed – meaning how we experience the energy of structures changes.

Think about it, anything on or attached to the earth experiences her change. So, what does it mean if there is a shift and the calculations change? It means your Feng Shui plan needs to change to stay in continuity mode. The effects to occupants, health, wealth, relationships, and success all need to be revisited.

This is just one of the topics I’ll cover on 1/25/20 at the workshop “2020 Trends” at OSU’s Martha Morehouse Auditorium.

Want an engaging and informative exploration of trends for 2020? Join me!