Since people have been asking about the workshops I offer regularly at the Ronald McDonald House Charities, I decided to write a blog about it.

The topic is always “Feng Shui for Healing & Comfort”.

These workshops are for patients, their families, and caregivers. If you know of anyone that will be there during an event, please encourage them to attend. The feedback is consistent. “These are brilliant! Why don’t more people know about Feng Shui?”

So allow me to share how a workshop unfolds.

First, I ask for first names and their date of birth. Based on that information alone, there are health trends that surface when they’re out of balance. It’s the body’s way of saying, “help me.”

In this example, the family was from the United Kingdom.

“Mum” and son attended the workshop, but Mum shared right off the bat that her son wasn’t interested. She asked if I’d be okay if he wore his headphones and played on his tablet, and I, of course, replied “sure!” However, as we discussed his health concerns and then hers, the headphones came off and he was fully engaged … meaning excited and expressive. Then, he was asking about Dad, brother, and sister back at home!

We discovered:

  1. Mum is a 1-water person. I asked if she has issues with ears and bladder. Yes!
  2. Matthew is a 5-earth person. I asked if he had issues with the muscular-skeletal system and stomach. In fact, Matthew was being treated for muscular dystrophy, stomach, and sleep issues.
  3. Based on family members back in UK, Dad was 7-metal. I asked if he had chest issues. Yes – asthma.
  4. Brother also being 7-metal, his chest issues involved asthma.
  5. Little sister is 4-soft wood. Does she have issues with hips and allergies? Yes, she too has muscular dystrophy.

Once the above information was confirmed, we discussed colors that energetically support them. 

We then covered each of their supportive directions and how to utilize them (North, South, East, West).

We talked about different areas of their home, how their space is utilized, and tips for when they return home.

I found out that Mum went shopping the night of the workshop. She reported back to me that PJs, pillowcases, socks, and even stuffed animals were changed. Soon after, I received a call from one of Matthew’s health-care practitioners asking what I do in these workshops.

I asked him why he was calling. “Because it seems to be helping Matthew!”

Having multiple children myself and only one still living, this is my way of giving back. I wish this information would have been around/known when I was going through it all.

That’s why I do these, and thanks for your interest!