Happy Spring! Feng Shui Tips for June 2021

The Chinese calendar shows that June goes from 6/5/21 to 7/6/21. Every month/year has different Feng Shui energy. It’s helpful to know them and keep them in mind during the month. I love sharing this information with you. It’s an exciting time for many who have been stuck inside for over a year.

Feng Shui Tip 1

June 2021 is a 1-Water Month and plays well in a 6-Metal Year (2021 is a 6-metal year).

If you’re feeling more hopeful, you’re not alone. We’re not out of the pandemic’s hold yet, but isn’t it wonderful to be able to be with family and friends again?

Feng Shui Tip 2

June is a 1-Water Month, which implies rain and humidity.

I’m thankful for that. Flowers are blooming, hostas are doing great, and our vegetable and herb gardens are thriving. As one who loves to cook, nothing beats organic and fresh ingredients. Talked with someone in California yesterday. I just wish there was a way to share with them the water abundance here in Ohio.

Feng Shui Tip 3

June is also the month of the Wooden Horse.

The month’s wooden energy supports the fire horse. The horse likes restaurants and conversation which bodes well for loosening pandemic restrictions. Under this influence, we’re pulled to be more social, happy, gregarious, and cheerful. Are you feeling it?

Feng Shui Tip 4

To all the Dad’s – Happy Father’s Day!  Pay attention to the North West of your property and home.

NW represents head males (Dad and Grandfathers) as well as fatherhood.

Look at your yard, house, and bedroom. What’s going on in the NW? If there is clutter, clear it out. Use symbols (i.e., art) that represent activities you enjoy and male mentors. Treat the NW like the king you deserve to be! Ensure the NW of your home and property reflects your wants, dreams, and aspirations. Here is a Busy Dads Guide for all you fathers out there! 

Here’s a fantastic book that is a great resource for everyone.

The book Letting Go – The Pathway of Surrender by David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD

Leesa Scott recommended it so we are reading it together. Reading this book couldn’t be more timely, with all that we’ve been through since the pandemic hit, let alone what life has dealt us.

It’s a marvelous guide on how to get out of our own way and experience happiness and joy. Learn to be your own authentic champion!


May you be exceedingly, generously, and joyfully blessed,©

~Diana Garber, Feng Shui Master