Happy Father’s Day to all! Like some asked on Mother’s Day … why everyone? Because in one way or another you have parented, nurtured, mentored, or supported another. This month we honor the yang (male) equation. From a Feng Shui perspective, NW represents head males (Dad and Grandfathers) as well as fatherhood. Look at your yard, house, and bedroom. What’s going on in the NW? If there is clutter, clear it out. Use symbols (i.e., art) that represent activities you enjoy and male mentors. Treat the NW like the king you deserve to be!

Of course, there is more to Feng Shui than symbols, art, and clutter. What is the energy in the NW of your yard, house, and bedroom? Does it support you? Does it support fatherhood, getting the support you desire, and a healthy balance of responsibility? One of our gift suggestions in this busy Mom’s guide includes a Feng Shui consult … a gift that keeps on giving in a significant way. Clients report improvement in all aspects of their lives … from remission to improved relationships to more business success.

Speaking of business success, this month we’d like to introduce you to Werner Services, a commercial cleaning business. I’ve worked with Tony and Cheryl for many years so not only do they offer quality services, they’re in tune with your environment (which is what Feng Shui is about). Tony is known for quality-checking job sites, and customer satisfaction is their commitment. Call them to explore what they can do for your business!

May you be exceedingly, generously, and joyfully blessed,©     Diana