Over Plan Under Utilize

There are many indicators culminating that suggest we plan, plan, and plan. Especially with my background in business continuity and disaster recovery, I know this is wise. My philosophy is plan for the worst then go with the flow. A couple examples of this: The weather person says it’s going to be a rainy weekend and you have a house full of people coming. You might plan board games, activities in the garage, or movies to watch. Another example is a winter storm. You might ensure there’s extra wood for the wood burner, blankets to snuggle in, and lots of cocoa and soups to cook on the wood burner.

When we prepare for a situation, we’re more likely to stay calm in the face of it. When we have done our planning, our emotions are less likely to get the best of us; and when we’ve planned for an event, we’re more likely to feel safe and secure. That’s one of my definitions of Feng Shui – feeling safe and secure.

I’ve been reading about the sun’s activities. According to scientists and other sources (see bibliography) its activities are unusual. Overlay this type of information with other factors (Feng Shui, Chinese astrology, and Western astrology), and indicators surface. If you saw our DVD about the energy of 2010, I spoke about earth changes and earth trauma being particularly severe. There’s been a lot of evidence of that this year and it by no means, has concluded.

The lunar eclipse on June 26 was associated with communication breakdowns. The upcoming year (2011) is a soft metal year and its Chinese astrology is the metal rabbit. Soft metal is associated with information technology and telecommunications. Metal dominates wood (the rabbit) so that indicates less desirable effects (power outages magnified=power grids, communication breakdowns [satellites, the internet], and unexpected emergencies (severe earth reactions)).

So while some may scoff at Y2K (the year 2000), I was one of many who worked in command centers and behind the scenes so it wouldn’t be as devastating as it could be. Thousands (if not millions) of us worked diligently for years so the public wouldn’t experience huge breakdowns. Those who didn’t work behind the scenes chuckled in delight thinking all the hubbub was a hoax. Their complacency about it all was confirmation our efforts were worth it!

Why do I mention Y2K? We are dependent on electricity which supports lifestyle choices such as cable, security systems, phones, computers, the internet and more. The planning that took place for Y2K is a good thing to do now. If a power grid or satellite goes down, it could be for a day, a week, a month, or more. So, dust off those earth changes survival manuals.

Here are a few suggestions: Obtain food that doesn’t require cooking and extra pet supplies. Keep extra water on hand. Ensure you have first aid supplies and prescriptions available. Purchase an emergency radio (crank and solar powered) and extra gas for your vehicle. You know your environment better than anyone else. What do you use on a daily basis? How will you be impacted by a power outage? What if I.T. or telecom were down for a while? Create plans for your family of where everyone should meet or go. Plan A – come home; Plan B – go to Uncle Louie’s. Plan C – you get the idea.

You can choose to read this article from scarcity (fear), or you can read this article from a place of abundance (empowerment). Let me leave you with this thought. Over plan and underutilize. Hey, this could be a wonderful opportunity to single task for a while. Remember those days? This can bring families back to the dinner table for discussions. It will be what you make of it. You’ll set the tone for how those around you react. Be the calm in the storm.