The purpose of this post is to help you plan for the coming month. The Chinese Astrology month begins on February 4 through March 5. It is a fire-tiger month in 2019’s earth-pig year. Trends for the month are promising for a couple reasons:

Pigs and tigers are a natural match. Did you know that at zoos when a tiger’s cub dies, they’ll often replace it with a piglet?

  • The tiger’s natural element is wood and February is a fire cycle. Wood and fire are compatible.
  • This means we’ll experience the tiger’s positive characteristics such as optimism, courageousness, generosity, ambitious, idealistic, funny, strength, and creativity.

How do you use this information?

  • Step outside your comfort zone and go for it (whatever it is you want to achieve).
  • Do something nice for someone.
  • Know that when you need strength, it will appear.
  • Nurture your creative side … paint, sew, or make a vision board.

If your Chinese astrology is tiger, make it an especially awesome month. Don’t know what your sign is? Use our free calculator. If you don’t know your hour of birth that’s okay. Just use your day, month, and year of birth. For the purposes of this post, look at your year after selecting calculate.

The tiger’s opposite is monkey so if you’re a monkey your energy may be low. Don’t make major decisions this month, avoid large expenditures, use this time to set goals and make plans, and do something fun to boost your energy.

Here’s a special tip: There are twelve Chinese astrology signs and twelve months of the year. February is the tiger month every year so place this in your calendar: Tigers are supported and monkeys are not.

Tigers are in the independent group. Their natural buddies are dogs and horses so all three are generally supported in February. I place my group in my yearly planner because it is nice to know when things may go more smoothly. Make sense?

Did you know the structure you work or live in can also have a Chinese astrology sign? It is so important to understand where you spend time – is it supporting or challenging you? Make informed decisions and manifest an awesome future. Contact us today for to explore your options.

Just want to you about you in 2019? Consider a personal strategy session. Want career insight? Or a relationship strategy session is about who to surround yourself with.

Do you like this information? How do you put it to use? Please do share in the comments below!


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