BIA Parade of Homes – Where’d You Hide the Feng Shui?

The Project Begins Jenny Frederick, of Spice It Up Interiors, originally met with me to discuss the Dani Homes’ energy. She had approval from the owner, Nilay Bhatt, to proceed so I performed an analysis on the building which was already under roof. A brief explanation of how classic (also called traditional) Feng Shui works [...]

BIA Parade of Homes – Where’d You Hide the Feng Shui?2020-10-08T14:20:10-04:00

House Sold In Three Days!

This is such a success story. This story is about using Feng Shui as a tool to sell your home. It's about a house that sold in three days. It has two clients with success stories that are tied together. I refer to them as Client A and Client B. I was contacted by Client [...]

House Sold In Three Days!2021-04-29T11:27:02-04:00

Feeling rested and well even after surgery

Hi Diana, Since the process of rearranging my bedroom to help with sleep will be a major undertaking, you suggested trying Plan B (the color of sheets). Per my personal energy, It's been less than a week on the new black sheets. My husband noticed even before switching colors that my sleep disturbances disappeared after [...]

Feeling rested and well even after surgery2019-01-15T01:59:47-05:00

Best Feng Shui Consultant 2018 Award- Midwest USA

I was thrilled to receive this email this week! It's such an honor to receive the Best Feng Shui Consultant Award for 2018 for the Midwest USA category. Hi Diana, Having recently shortlisted for the fourth annual Architecture Awards, I am delighted to inform you that Intuitive Concepts Inc has been successful this year. Details [...]

Best Feng Shui Consultant 2018 Award- Midwest USA2018-08-06T16:39:53-04:00

Dan Evans

We experienced tremendous results since Diana Garber did a Feng Shui analysis of our Ohio ranch. Our original goals were improvements for 1) Dan’s seizure disorder; 2) love and family – our upcoming marriage (have a great and joyful love) and improve blended-family relationships; and 3) and the business reaching a cash-flow goal. All were [...]

Dan Evans2018-04-09T09:13:16-04:00
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