Case Study – Feng Shui for Business

In 2016, I led a Feng Shui for Business workshop as a way to show how Feng Shui principles and practices can affect the success of a business. Also, I wanted to demonstrate how Feng Shui can help to energize and empower a location, the commercial building, and staff members in the building. In addition, [...]

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Nine Buildings to Avoid For Homes and Offices

Thus far I have not found a perfect Feng Shui building, especially that I incorporate risk management criteria. If you don’t know what I mean by risk management, visit our article Choose Quality versus Quantity. A building that is 60% workable is the best I’ve encountered in all these years, and 70% would be ideal. [...]

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Sitting & Facing Directions – Apartments, Houses & Buildings

Some methods of Feng Shui use the front door to establish the orientation of a building and then determine remedies to correct or enhance energies. As an example, Black Sect (also known as BTB) orients the Bagua's career area at the front door (or mouth chi). Varying approaches are confusing but especially when it comes [...]

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Structure Types

There are five types of structures that we live and work in. All buildings fall into one of these categories. How is the type determined? Classic Feng Shui uses the ancient method of flying stars and overlays calculations from exact compass measurements of a building and date of construction. This creates the building’s precise energy [...]

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