In 2016, I led a Feng Shui for Business workshop as a way to show how Feng Shui principles and practices can affect the success of a business. Also, I wanted to demonstrate how Feng Shui can help to energize and empower a location, the commercial building, and staff members in the building. In addition, since this workshop was held on the site of the case study, participants were able to experience the enhanced energy and assess how their own businesses could benefit from Feng Shui.

I took attendees through the process of how I evaluate a business as we walked through the actual site itself. I explained the methodology of how Feng Shui can play an integral part of the success, struggle, or even failure of a business. We then heard from Hina Environmental Solutions (HES) just how my suggestions increased sales, improved recruiting, forged relationships, and created a harmonious environment.

The case study revealed how Hina Environmental Solutions (HES) purchased the building and had plans drawn up before they approached me to perform a commercial consultation on their yet-to-be remodeled place of business.

After analyzing the land, parking lot, building, and HES’ leadership team, I suggested a design change because I recognized the proposed redesign wouldn’t create the type of results the owners of the company wanted for their business.

I knew those changes would increase revenue and enhance HES’ success; therefore, I worked hand-in-hand with HES and Wesney Construction to create the best possible results. The changes affected traffic flow, the parking lot, the exterior, the interior, and staff office assignments.

Feng Shui for business

What was the result? Here’s a letter of recommendation HES wrote saying that in July 2015 they were $500,000 ahead of their yearly sales goal, and gross margins were the highest they’ve ever been! Then, after assessing year-end-results, HES said the trend continued. For 2016, they greeted March with the same results! When they met with their advisory team, Brian and Susan Hina said, “we attribute our success to six factors – and Feng Shui is one of them.”

The power of Feng Shui amazes me!