5G Crisis – You NEED To Know

First, please read Debra Greene, PhD’s, article 5G - The Global Human Experiment Without Consent, When I had an advisory board a few years back, Debra was on it. Her article is published in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s News & Views! Check it out! A major concern of mine is 5G is coming whether we like it or [...]

5G Crisis – You NEED To Know2019-08-13T09:52:30-04:00

I Want to Protect My Children

My daughter is having a really tough time. She takes one step forward and 10 backward. School is difficult for her and kids seem to be meaner these days. She’s a 5 in a Kun bedroom. I want to protect my children. What should I do? ~Susan, Orange County, CA Susan, First, what I have found [...]

I Want to Protect My Children2018-02-08T12:49:46-05:00
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