My daughter is having a really tough time. She takes one step forward and 10 backward. School is difficult for her and kids seem to be meaner these days. She’s a 5 in a Kun bedroom. I want to protect my children. What should I do?
Orange County, CA


First, what I have found is that earth people (those with numbers 2, 5, or 8) are more susceptible to bullying and abuse than other types. Eight-type people have more stamina within the earth types. Two-type people are more vulnerable than 8s. Five-types are the most vulnerable – whether it is attracting energy leeches or people who bully. There is something about an earth-types aura of compassion that draws in others who won’t take responsibility for their actions – they push it off on others.

That your daughter is a 5, this is a tough year for her anyway. This is a 6 hard-metal year. Metal draws from earth. In addition, the 3-conflict star is in the SW (Kun) direction this year, so she’s sleeping in conflict energy. Your home’s energy (flying-star calculations) may show other detrimental influences.

If I were you, I’d obtain a professional consult. I know you’re looking for a way to do it yourself but if what I’m describing applies, why dabble when there’s so much you don’t know? The learning process goes way beyond book knowledge. It takes years to master. Meanwhile, you can help her, your entire family, and your home. When we learn about ourselves and work with our environments (mind, body, spirit, school, work, community, etc.), we are better able to protect ourselves. Over the course of a lifetime, a consult will pay for itself many times over.

Thank you for the question. I’m in California often if I can be of help. ~Diana